Bohemian Inspired California Wedding at Holly Farm
January 9, 2014
United States
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Bohemian inspired weddings have a wonderful way of appearing effortless yet elegant at the same time, and that combination ultimately results in a take-your-breath-away gorgeous fête. Well this boho beauty from Lexia Frank at Holly Farm is taking that level of gorgeous up a notch and filling it with so much love I can feel it through every image sitting in this stunning gallery. The result? Perfection.
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From Lexia Frank Photography...Shelly and Michael's wedding day was one of laughter, fun, and laid-back relaxed beauty. They chose the Holly Farm for it's California-style bohemian atmosphere, and the bride complimented the venue by going barefoot the whole day. Bridesmaids and groomsmen were all allowed to choose their own attire in neutral colors, and garden-themed decor adorned the reception tables and ceremony area. Antique bells rang as Shelly and Michael kissed at the ceremony as guests cheered and congratulated them down the aisle. Some of my favorite things that made this wedding so special were the cigar and port bar at the reception, the polaroid guestbook (of course!), and the groomsmen gifts of ties from Rag & Bone, which helped to coordinate the gray suits that the groomsmen were allowed to pick out themselves. They finished the night by cutting the 'cake' (belgian waffles!) with a sword that runs in Michael's family line, and dancing the night away under the stars!

Shelly and Michael had a beautiful day, but the most meaningful part was how they included their families into the framework and backbone of the day itself. Michael's father officiated the ceremony, with family members coming up to give words of love and advice. Shelly's brother and sister sang and played guitar for the first dance as husband and wife- 'Hard to Concentrate' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. and finally, Shelly's mother made all of the paper goods- everything from the invitations, programs, place cards, and table numbers.

Shelly and Michael managed to make everyone, even their wedding vendors, feel like family.

I generally stay quite composed at weddings, but during the reception speeches when Michael's mother presented Shelly with the same earrings that Michael had given her when he was a very little boy, I may have had to hide my face behind the camera because tears were streaming down.

This was an event that was not only well-designed but thoughtful for every member invited to this ceremony. The love was actually palpable.