Pink Summer Codman Estate Wedding
January 3, 2014
New England
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The mother of the bride, and along with Marrero Events the acting wedding planner, wrote the description below and it has warmed my heart enough to melt all the snow. Seriously all of it. Joyelle West Photography captured her beautiful daughters stunning day and what you're about to see was a true labor of love!
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From the bride's mother... My daughter Remy and I were inspired to create a wedding imbued with warmth, sentimentality and fun. Our guests came from all over the country but we wanted them to share a sense of history, family, belonging and home. We were moved by the charm and beauty of the groom’s home state of Kentucky and the kindness his parents had shown us when we visited a few months before. Mindful of the mood and atmosphere we wished to create, we set about choosing a venue, planning a ceremony and designing the essentials for the event. With both the bride and groom being medical school students in different states, I became the wedding planner. After comparing their busy schedules, they picked a date that was only five months away!

Remy’s wedding was a labor of love. Our family has always enjoyed creating things together and her wedding would be no exception. With paint brushes and tools in hand, her Dad and I began creating the special touches. We hand-painted signs; made corn hole boards and table numbers. Most of the items used throughout the day were either repurposed or found in our home. The program box was actually fashioned out of a small wine crate and framed out to look like a bureau drawer. Everything was given several coats of paint and hand-rubbed to give it an antiqued finish and to create a cohesive look. Remy created the logo, made the lace-covered votives, and embellished the football she used for the “bouquet” toss. Little brother even stuffed the corn hole bags. Dear friends assisted as well. One helped me sew curtains for the carriage house and drape the ceremony arch; another wrote poetic words for the signs.

Sentimental items added warmth to the evening: the wedding toast glasses used at my own wedding, a great grandmother’s mason jars, and a grandparents’ table that was the first piece of furniture they bought after they were married. Everything about the day was so beautiful, but there was nothing more beautiful than Remy’s radiant smile.