Via Vecchia Winery Winter Wedding
December 31, 2013
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With 2014 just mere hours away, we couldn't help but kick off the day with a New Year's "I do." And this Ohio beauty? It checks every criteria on our winter wedding love list - snowballs and all. Kelly Maughan Photography braved the cold to bring you the most pin-able pretty, and you can head to the gallery for lots, lots more.
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From the Bride... While planning our wedding, the most important thing was to ensure that it felt genuine. We tried to not focus on traditions or standards, and instead to just make sure it felt like "us". We wanted it to be personal, intimate, romantic and comfortable. We also knew that by having a wedding on New Year's Eve, we had an obligation to entertain our guests and throw a big party—and to be honest, that's what we were really looking forward to! Lastly, we truly wanted each one of our guests to feel appreciated and welcome, so we spent a lot of time personalizing their experience to really make them a part of the night. And in hindsight, it (somehow) all came together, and was perfect.