Ferry Ride Engagement
December 31, 2013
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Anytime the O'Malleys send their work our way, it's an automatic win. Because not only are their images art in and of themselves but they seem to attract the cutest clients in the whole, wide world. Case in point? These Seattle sweethearts who took to a ferry boat for their pre-wedding photo shoot. Love what you see? There's lots more waiting right here.
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From O'Malley Photographers... Todd and Kristi met and fell in love in Seattle, live in the city, and are getting married in the city, so when engagement session planning began we knew we had to incorporate something unique to Seattle and the city! What's more romantic than a ferry ride that spectacularly highlights the gorgeous Seattle skyline as you're riding away to an island?! Despite rather cold temperatures, we had the best time capturing Todd and Kristi's love, ducking indoors at times to warm up and admire the impressive city backdrop. We are so excited for this sweet couple's upcoming wedding, designed by the very talented Sinclair & Moore!
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