Snowy Iron Goat Wedding
December 26, 2013
North America
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This beautiful wedding from Orange Girl is super special. Not because of the cozy, candlelit reception, even though it's tops. Not because of the first snowfall that happened to bless the day, though that's super spectacular. It's because of the laughter and love that is ever present in this couple. It'll warm you right to the bone.
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From the stunning bride... We were lucky to experience the first snowfall during our photos. With no chance for the snow to turn to mud yet, the snowfall allowed for a beautiful blanket of white crystals. This weather, combined with our talented photographer, Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl photography, gave us unique and magical photos we will cherish forever.

My Maid of Honour, who was almost 9 months pregnant, ended up having her baby only 4 days later! She managed to pull off hosting my shower, finding a dress with her growing belly, redoing my hair after two hours of photos in the snow and then giving the most heartfelt “toast to the bride” – all while looking fabulous!

Everyone loved the vintage Bentley. I will never forget the amazing service and care from Gerrard, owner of Highland Executive Chauffeur.

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception a blast! The guests loved our candy bar and grilled cheese sandwiches as a midnight snack.

It was truly a magical day for many reasons - having family and friends together at this beautiful venue, the décor I dreamed of with the vision of Cherry Tree Occasions, but ultimately because I married the absolute love of my life. I can’t wait for the adventures ahead.

From the photographer... Trish and Brent love spending time in the mountains together. Brent proposed to Trish on top of Sulphur mountain in Banff so hosting their wedding in the mountains was the natural choice.

Trish and Brent were given the honour of the first snowfall of the year. The snow was beautiful and made for unique photographs. Thankfully Trish and Brent had hired a chauffeur for their wedding day who carried Trish's dress, flowers and drove them around so they could warm up in between photographs. Trish was incredibly tough braving the chilly snow for photographs. We took a break in between the photographs and their ceremony so that Trish and Brent could warm up and have a moment to themselves and their chauffeur had hot tea sent up to their room so they could warm up.

Their ceremony was filled with candles and they shared their vows that they written for each other amongst their closest friends and family. I loved that they displayed family wedding photographs for guests to see during the reception.