DIY Sugared Fruit
December 26, 2013
Christmas may be one day past, but that hardly means the festivities are over. So here to help gussy up your wintery arrangements are the O'Malley Photographers with an easy-as-can-be Sugared Fruit DIY. Along with Botany 101 Florals and Whitney R White they've simplified the process of adding sparkle in your tablescape in just five steps flat! Yep, this DIY may be embarrassingly easy, but don't you worry. We won't tell!
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From  O'Malley Photographers...Tis the season, the season of sparkle! Fireplaces are now roaring to counter the chill, frost has appeared on window panes early in the morning and thus, all thoughts are turning toward wintery magic.

The tradition of sugared fruit on your holiday table comes from a preservation technique for putting up fruit for the season. This year, instead of stacking bowls of glistening fruit, next to your great aunt's pies, why not add a touch of natural sparkle to your winter table by including them in a gorgeous floral centerpiece? The light coating of sugar on a twinkling berry reflects the ice and snow outside and would be the perfect addition to a sweet, opulent dessert table. You might start a new tradition in your own home! Trust us, once you sugar your floral designs for your holiday table you'll be tempted to sprinkle a little sugar everywhere you go!


2-6 eggs (white's only)
Fine paint brush
1 spoon for sprinkling
A bowl full of sugar
Various fruits, flowers and berries to sugar (think hardy flowers and hard shelled berries or fruits)

instructionsstep-1Separate the eggs gently from the egg yolks, discard the shells and yolks.

step-2Dip the paint-brush into the egg whites and paint each bloom to lightly coat with egg wash.

step-3Hold your blooms above a surface you don't mind getting dirty! Work quickly so that the egg white stays fresh. Using a spoonful of sugar shake your wrist lightly side to side to let the sugar evenly fall over the bloom. Repeat as needed until the sugar reaches the desired coverage.

step-4Set each bloom aside to let dry completely before adding to your arrangement or still life. (Remember to keep floral stems in water to increase vase life and keep blooms from wilting.)

step-5Add your glistening, sweetly sugared lovelies to your table arrangement and enjoy the “fruits” of your labour!*

*Keep the arrangement out of rain and heat as water and humidity will melt your sugar right off the project.
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