Ebb Restaurant Wedding
December 23, 2013
Sunshine Coast
RomanticEateryReligious Institution
When it comes to weddings dripping in romance, you Australian lovelies really know how it's done. Maybe that has a little something to do with the serious cuties tying the knot... or the breathtaking landscapes... or the fab vendors coming together to put on one heck of a party.  My guess?  A sweet combination of all of the above.  Soak in some Australian perfection captured by Matt Rowe Photography right here.  It's time to get your pretty on.
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From Matt Rowe Photography... Vikki and Bryan blended a calm 'knowing' with a whole lot of vibrance for their wedding day. Details in the decorations (twig and blossom) held a natural appreciation of beautiful things and Vikki's bridesmaids packed a punch of colour in their floral dresses. As a photographer, I had so much fun with Vikki and Bryan on their location shoot; they were willing to give everything a go and just embraced the moment. One of my favourite moments was with the dandelion (wishes) where a little competitive spirit came out followed by laughter. When you leave the night feeling like you've been with friends, then you know it was a good one!

From the Bride... There are so many 'best parts' of my day. The whole day was a best part! But the one moment that sticks in my mind more than any is walking down the stairs at home and seeing my dad crying, watching me (it made me cry, too). We are very close, and it's so nice to be daddy's little girl one last time. This is probably the moment where it all started to really feel like my wedding day.

We didn't purposely go out of our way to do anything different to other couples. We really wanted to be able to invite whoever we wanted and not be constrained by maximum guest numbers. We decided to have an afternoon at the church with the 200-something guests, followed by an intimate reception with 45 close family & friends.

I loved my dress!! I had seen it months before we even got engaged. When I put my dress on, it was very surreal. It had been a few weeks since I had last tried it on. It's just such a beautiful dress, I couldn't believe that I was wearing it!

I am so incredibly blessed to have all four of my grandparents around. It truly was a blessing to have so many family and friends around us celebrating our special day with us in all it's delights.