Crom Castle Ireland Shoot
December 23, 2013
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When Corbin Gurkin and Pearl & Godiva team up for an editorial shoot, gorgeous things happen. I'm talking about a jaw droppingly stunning photo session in the wilds of Ireland with rich, wintery hues as far as the eye can see. It's basically a wedding blogger's dream with floral goodness styled by The Garden Powerscourt, and you better believe we'll be camping out All. Day. Long. in the gallery right here.
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From Corbin... Having worked with Pearl at my own wedding, I was keen to collaborate again when I returned to Ireland for an anniversary trip. I was particularly interested in a styled shoot with a palette that felt darker than the more luminous colors we see in many weddings and bold - wine, deep rose, gold came to mind and felt particularly inspired by recent trends in interior design featuring deer sheds. Pearl & Godiva took the inspiration from there and came up with a richly beautiful design that I had the great pleasure of photographing earlier this fall.

From Pearl & Godiva...

"When I was a young girl
I would sleep in a tall tree
On the down of bending boughs
And from the mount of his shoulders
I would traverse the valleys
Through his dusk and dawning eyes
I will let you inside the door to my arrow
And you will wear my bones and my skin
Hunting my dress, love is ruthless"
~ Hunting My Dress, Jesca Hoop

Delicate, fierce, a child of the wilde, the Huntress is the arrow and the deer. This wilderness, both beautiful and of course botanically intriguing - but it wasn't any of those things that made it lovely but that sense of place - the indefinable quality that makes her want to be here.

She is foraging for wild plums and berries and picking windfalls. She hunts, gathers, and cooks, she is finding the forgotten feast. She makes things beautiful. The world is alive, and she is attuned to each shivering leaf, the caresses of the gentle breeze, each fleck of dust dancing in the light…. That lovely tangle of garden roses, dahlias, poppies, and maiden grass that opens out with a gold thread, lots going to seed, foliage all shades of russet-bronze thats she cradles in her arms, the goosegrass already twining its sticky tendrils around her ankle.

This gorgeous colour palette of bare soil, forest leaves, dark plums and rich overripe berries, to know these tones is to know that winter is creeping ever closer. As the day faded we captured the golden dew settled on her hair, and she seemed to take the warmth of the sun and turn it into fragrance.