6 Holiday Tips from Mindy Weiss
December 21, 2013
When it comes to decking your home for the holidays, Mindy Weiss knows her stuff. She designs events for some of the biggest names in the world, and is here to share fun ways to gussy up your casa for Christmas. She recently held an event at HomeGoods to share her secrets and you can catch her lovely little recap waiting down below!
1. Nutcrackers are my choice this year! I love to have a group by the fireplace, like they are marching, and a welcome team by the front door! This year I found ones that were all whites, gold’s and silvers! The more the merrier! Oh, and make sure you mix the sizes!

2. I always change out my pillows and add new winter-y blankets and throws. It's easy to make your home feel warmer for the holidays! Not only does it make for a new look, but if you move your guests outside for some s’mores or a hot chocolate the pillows and blankets will be perfect for comfort and warmth!

3. Every holiday I change up my metallic accents. I’ve gone from bronze, silver, brass, copper and this year I went gold! Gold vases, candlesticks and votive candles. Gold accent tablecloths and napkins.

4. Time to set the table! I always have a standard set of white dishes. Each holiday I like to add a new accent to my holiday collections. Whether it is a new salad plate, water glass, a bread plate or a new decanter for the bar, each little detail makes a big impact. 

5. You know trays aren't only for serving food and drinks... I use them all over the house for decorating. I love displaying various sized candles and placing it on a coffee table. I also love to buy little trays to put in the guest bathroom with perfumes and guest towels and a small votive candle. On the large trays I love to place 5 glass apothecary jars to make a mini candy shop, and I often take a large tray to make a hot fudge sundae bar for the family and me!  

6Since we are always wrapping gifts, whether it is for my parties or for the holidays, I like my gifts to be noticed! I don’t always like to use paper but often I go out to find fun unique boxes. Not only are my gifts an attention getter, but you also never see the recipient of your gift throwing away your beautiful wrapping efforts.


Product Images: Courtesy of HomeGoods