Their Wedding Photographer Was a No-Show, So They Took Anniversary Pics 61 Years Later
December 20, 2013
New England
As far as I'm concerned, Nina and Gramps are the cutest couple to ever grace our pages. Not only is their UP-themed anniversary session as sweet as they come, but they've got a story that'll touch your heart ten times over. You see, these sweethearts wed 61 years ago but were stood up by their photographer. Knowing some proper photos were long overdue, Lauren Wells, Cambria Grace, Pop & Circumstance and Wild Folk Studio gathered together to give them the beautiful captures they deserve. So here's to you, Nina and Gramps. Here's to love 61 years later!
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From Lauren Wells Events... Meet Nina & Gramps: they have been married 61 years, have never taken their rings off, remain the best of friends, and have just one picture from their wedding day - their photographer stood them up!

On a personal level, us grandkids (they are my husband's grandparents) thought an anniversary shoot would be the perfect holiday present for them, and that they would cherish photos of the two of them. On a professional level, I thought it would make for a perfect styled shoot, so I used the movie UP as inspiration. (Gramps is always wearing a bow tie, anyways!)

Caroline from Wildfolk managed to bring the balloon colors to life in her flowers, and Nina cried when she got handed her beautiful bouquet. Working with Cambria is always a dream, and these photos are pure magic - us grandkids cannot wait to see Nina & Gramps' faces when they open these photos on Christmas morning!