Flora Farms Wedding
December 20, 2013
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If casual elegance and sweet love all rolled into a pretty, pretty destination wedding is what you came looking for this morning, you're in luck. Sara Richardson Photography has delivered, and my goodness is it wonderful. Set in a part of Mexico that couldn't be anymore beautiful, this super beautiful wedding is happiness embodied.
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From the dapper groom... When I first met Lindsey, she was some beautiful stranger who was in town for an internship. We had some mutual friends and met after one of my softball games. I could hardly believe that a girl as cute as her could be that cool. Before I ever knew her she was gone. Back to Kansas and out of my world. After graduating she moved to Seattle to pursue her career. When we started hanging around each other again, she had recently become available (lucky me) and we hit it off. We had our first date in April of 2008, and I showed up wearing my "nice" pants, which were poor fitting dockers, and an ugly button up short sleeve shirt. I was lucky to get a second date, but once she gave me the sweetest kiss ever, I was hers.

From the beautiful bride...  When I first met Ben, he was the cute roommate of a friend of mine and we bonded over good music. We shared our favorite bands with each other and saw a few shows together as friends. Our first date made me nervous so I told Ben that we should just be friends. Ben told me that he had more fun being my friend than with any girl he had ever dated. From that moment on I was hooked.
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