Casa Loma Wedding
December 19, 2013
North America
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Sarah Kate Photographer, you are Santa come early for sharing this wedding with us. It's beautiful, it's classic, it's pink (our favorite!), and it's in a castle. It doesn't get much better. The bride and groom as so sweetly in love that I've officially decided today is Christmas come early!
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From the gorgeous bride... Paul and I met on a patio in the summer were we were introduced by our friends. His personality was perfectly compatible to mine and we were inseparable from the day that we met. Throughout our 2 years together we traveled to 5 different countries, moved twice together and quickly fell in love. Paul proposed while we were doing our normal go-to weekend activity-bike riding. I immediately said “Yes!” and we began to plan our big day!

We didn’t have a strict vision or theme but our aim was to create a warm and intimate setting. The details of our day were just as important as the comfort and enjoyment of our family and friends. We wanted to provide a fabulous meal for our guests and throw a great party to celebrate our love for each other. Most of the things we used for the wedding were DIY and we made everything from scratch with the help of our friends and family. I had a lot of help from my bridesmaids and an assembly line of aunts and cousins at my house putting together programs, seating chart, and place cards just two days before the wedding! Having the event come together with the help of everyone we loved and having them be a part of the process felt really special. We were also so grateful to have our day of wedding coordinator Nicola and our wonderful MC Alex there to help us throughout the day and allow us to just relax and have fun. It was a perfect day, and came together just as I had planned, hoped, and envisioned.