Santa Barbara Seaside Wedding
December 18, 2013
United States
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Brooke Keegan is a wedding genius. Honestly, her work always, always leaves me in a completely awe-struck state. And when she teams up with the uber talented Lane Dittoe? Well, consider my day a goner. Because this, my friends, is pure wedding perfection worthy of every single minute left in your day. All the details tucked in this gallery will make you want to stand up at your desk and applaud, and you can join me in doing so right here.
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From Brooke Keegan Weddings And Events...When Kate initially came to meet with me, she explained that she is from New York and several of her family and friends were making the trip out to California to celebrate with her and Grant. She wanted to create an intimate, classic wedding that incorporated some beach elements since she was getting married right on the water. Without using the typical blue and white with seashells, we brought in a more subtle color palette with grays, whites and creams. We used orchids to add a little touch of a tropical beach feel and incorporate some of the larger sea stars and coral pieces just at the cocktail hour which had the amazing ocean view. The guest book was a gorgeous Santa Barbara coffee table book that incorporated images of the hotel they were getting married at. We lined the aisle with the boxed hydrangeas and then moved them inside in front of the band stage while guests were enjoying cocktail hour. It was a great way to utilize them throughout the entire event instead of just he 20 minute ceremony. The entertainment was a 4-piece band for the Ceremony and Cocktail hour that then joined the 9 piece band for the reception. Instead of just serving the wedding cake, we set up a dessert station so that guests could enjoy a few different things throughout the evening. Because the majority of her guests were from out of town, their parting gift for their guests was a bottle of local Santa Barbara rose that they fell in love with so that they had a memento of the gorgeous location they were in.