Military Homecoming Holiday Photo Shoot
December 18, 2013
Tis the season for holiday inspiration, and I like to indulge in every little bit I can get my hands on. So this sweet shoot captured by Annamarie Akins and planned by Dear Sweetheart Events is making my morning. I can almost hear "I'll be home for Christmas" playing in the background of this stylish shoot, and you can join me in getting lost in all the lovely holiday inspiration right here.
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From Annamarie Akins Photography...Picture a bride waiting for her military groom to make it home in time for their intimate Christmas wedding…hopeful, but with a twinge of fear that he might not make it…she prepares for the festivities all day in her blush tulle gown and prays that she'd get to see him soon...then the magic that unfolds when she sees him walking towards her and it's finally REAL makes all the worrying fade away! He is HOME…but honestly, home is wherever he is…

The vision was to bring the print by Lindsey Letters "With you darling, I am home" to life…to focus on being HOME with your love for Christmas. That's the beauty of love - being completely "home" with your spouse, no matter where life takes you. Regan and Strom are a real life military couple who have felt the ache of being apart from each other for long periods of time…the joy on her face when her groom walks up says it all! There is nothing better than getting to enjoy time with the ones you love during the holidays. The military theme tells the story of sacrifice, and waiting for "home" - him being selflessly gone for long periods of time, and her supporting and loving him while he's gone... and wishing & waiting patiently for him to come home, to come back to her. The holiday season always gives every one of us a longing & sense of "home", more so than other time of the year. The shoot is inspiration for a romantic Christmas Eve wedding with a vintage, handmade but couture flair. A bride with "the girl next door" look, waiting for her groom to walk through the door. Our "bride" and "groom" were absolutely perfect because they are real-life husband and wife, and they have endured long amounts of time away from one another, yet their love has made it through. They know that no matter the distance or time of year, they are always "home" with one another - and that's exactly what the Lindsay Letters print is all about.