Rosarito, Mexico Day After Session
December 17, 2013
If it were up to me, I'd have a photographer follow me around every beautiful day in my life (the bad hair days, she could skip). So the idea of a love sesh in Mexico after the big day, is one I'm completely on board with. Ashley Kelemen Photography followed the loveliest of loves around the small village of Rosarito (which, by the way, is gorgeous) and the result is super stunning!
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Lillian & Mardy had their wedding in Malibu, close to family and friends, but really wanted to celebrate in Mexico, where they fell in love. Mardy's family has a home in the small village of Rosarito, surrounded by cobblestone streets and beautiful views. Lillian asked Sweet Marie Designs to make some special florals for color and romance. We spent the afternoon there as a delayed day-after session, exploring the town and reliving special moments. Mardy is an avid surfer, so we made sure to tie in his love of the ocean before wrapping up with the most beautiful sunset.