Brisbane Whimsical Wedding
December 12, 2013
The quickest way to my heart is with a wedding just like this. I'm talking pink, sparkle, style - the works. And with gorgeous snaps from Stewart Ross, there's no question this beauty will go down as an SMP fave. Have a look here for even more.
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From the Bride... After 6 years together (Yes, high school sweethearts!) Matt proposed on a Christmas trip to New York. Having a White Christmas was exciting enough let alone coming home with a fiancé! Straight away we knew the feel that we wanted - a big party! We wanted something bright, fun and relaxed and we were incredibly lucky to find a perfect collection of vendors to help us achieve that vision! Matt was amazing during the whole planning process and it really was the perfect representation of us and our relationship.

Not only does our anniversary fall in September but the weather in Brisbane also puts on a pretty amazing show heading into Spring so it was the perfect time for a wedding! We've spent many a Saturday at New Farm Park and the Powerhouse markets so it was really a natural choice for us. We were looking for something unique and character filled and the restored Rooftop Terrace with it's graffiti covered walls and deck overlooking the river were everything we were looking for. It's so beautiful and iconic.

Charlie and Mike from Stylised did a great job with both the ceremony and reception styling and the flowers were absolutely to die for! Charlie, being a florist by trade, absolutely nailed the brief and we had so many comments on how beautiful they were! While we didn't have a specific 'theme' in mind we were after a relaxed, bright and romantic feel that would contrast beautifully with the rough, graffiti covered walls of the Powerhouse. When I walked into the reception room my heart just filled with joy! It can be a little nerve racking to leave something like your wedding styling up to someone else with no idea how it will turn out until the day, particularly when you've got such a specific vision in mind, but we couldn't have asked for anything better.

I'm generally not good at making decision when I have a lot of options so picking my dress was something I really struggled with. It's not that I couldn't find anything beautiful, it was that I found too many beautiful dresses! I had an idea of what I wanted in mind but struggled to find anything quite right in my budget and was originally looking at having it made until a fateful Facebook post from Babushka Ballerina. It was literally the exact dress I had been describing to dressmakers. I went in the next day on my lunch break and bought it! In and out in an hour and fantastically within budget! Louise and Sierra from were more than happy to alter the dress accordingly, adding more tulle into the skirt and especially making the bodice for my measurements. Every time I tried the dress on at fittings it brought tears to my eyes!

Matt and I made the decision to write our own ceremony and vows early on as we weren't after anything too long or formal. My mother read 'Love is A Temporary Madness' from Captain Corelli's Mandolin and in a break from tradition and as a way to include my Step-Father in the day we had him sign our certificate as my witness. He's a man of few words and doesn't really like over the top displays of affection so this was a nice way for him to still be a part of the day without having to make a speech. Matt's mum is very much the same and wasn't comfortable doing a reading but stepped in to sign the registry which was added a beautiful touch from his family.

On the day everyone kept commenting on how well I had it together and how calm I was. I guess the combination of marrying my best friend of 8 years and having total faith in our team helped keep any niggling at bay! It wasn't until I saw myself in my dress that I lost it. It's quite surreal to realise that the day you've been planning for the last 18 months is finally here and you're a bride! I also broke down as I walked down the aisle - I was so excited to see Matt that it all kind of just exploded! I don't think I've ever felt as much love and emotion in my life as I did walking down that aisle. Matt is very relaxed by nature so he was totally calm and happy as per usual!

From the start Matt and I had a list of the things that were most important to during the planning: food, photography and music and we got everything we dreamed of! Zen Catering were flexible, accommodating and delivered everything perfectly. People were coming up to us all night commenting on how good the food was and the service was impeccable. I still dream about those Espresso Eclairs 3 months later!

Matt is a big music buff and given that my dad is a drummer musically is literally in my family! Aaron from Cut a Rug was more than happy to meet up with us several times in the months leading up to wedding and really understood that we didn't want any elevator music during dinner and wanted everyone on the dance floor later. He nailed it. We even managed to sneak in the Hangover version of Candy Shop which amused us greatly!

Stew from Stewart Ross Photography was everything we could've hoped for. We felt really strongly about having a lot of candid photos, not just of us, but of our guests and he well and truly delivered! He did such a beautiful job and was so sneaky we didn't even realise he caught half of the moments he did - the sign of a good wedding photographer I'd say! As part of our package we also had an 'open air' photo booth set up for guests with hilarious results! Stew was calming and supportive and even helped me with figuring out how to put my shoes on amongst the mass of tulle and with the pinning of the buttonholes. He captured every element of the day perfectly.

We did a few things DIY including our wishing well which was a globe we altered. We bought a globe with a detachable base, disassembled it and spray painted the base and then reassembled it and cut a gap across the top for cards to fit in. As we were jetting off to Mexico and NYC 2 days after the wedding we thought a globe was rather appropriate! My mum was also a great help when it came to the styling and favours. She tirelessly painted all of the gold bottles for the centrepieces as well as helping me to bake over 300 Gingerbread cookies for our thank you gifts. She's an amazing cook and our family gingerbread recipe is rather famous amongst our friends and family so it seemed like a nice way to put a personal touch on the night. My Aunty is also famed for her cake making skills and given our love of her mud cake there was really only one direction we were going to go in with the cake! I sourced the cake toppers off Etsy and sent her a few Pinterest inspiration pics but pretty much left her to her own devices and she pulled it off amazingly as usual! We made sure to mention incredible skills on our menus which I also sourced from Etsy!

Obviously, we hit the inevitable speed bumps. Early on in the day there was a chance of rain but Matt and I stood firm on our decision to hold it in the park and it all worked out for the best. Our driver stood on my veil as I walked down the steps ready to walk down the aisle and before we found our eventual celebrant we were cancelled on 3 times (yep, you read that right - Olivia was our 4th celebrant!) but from the very start of planning I maintained that as long as I came out of it married to my best friend then it was all worth it and i genuinely think this helped get me through the whole planning process.