French Farmhouse Inspired Wedding Inspiration in Spokane, Washington
December 11, 2013
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I would have sworn up and down this beautiful wedding inspiration from Urban Rose Photo was perfectly placed in a sweet French village. The delish nosh, the perfect petals, everything down to the stunning calligraphy from Kathryn Murray had me convinced. But no, the pretty party, styled and designed by Alisa Lewis Event Design, was in Spokane. I can't decide where I need to immediately book my flight to... Washington or France?
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From the stylist... The idea was to create a cozy French farm house feel to this wedding scene using fresh herbs and seasonal botanical and food items native to our area with a hint of French country flair. The color palette was soft and subtle with a few hints of muted sage, rich plums, and lavender. We incorporated local fresh herbs in almost every aspect of the vignette. The cake was decorated with lavender, sage, and currants. Each place setting was adorned with a bouquet garni of herbs picked from a local garden. All the other little corners of the vignette were decorated with fresh potted herbs and hand-gathered local florals and greens. Herbed sea salt were the favors for this wedding theme. The bride was adorned in a lace Claire Pettibone Gown that portrayed a very soft and flowing look. The wild crafted details added rustic earthiness to contrast the elegant Parisian style creating an intriguing wedding inspiration.