San Miguel de Allende Wedding
December 10, 2013
North America
Summer Weddings
This wedding is my everything. From the first shot of the Bride's perfect shoes, to the couples' last dance - every image captured by Evan Hunt Photo left me in complete and utter awe. It's the definition of my dream destination wedding, and if you missed any bit of it in our latest SMP Fashion & Beauty Magazine, have no fear, you can see every perfect moment right here.
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From Evan Hunt Photo...Zana & Rich met in the Navy and fell in love while traveling the world together. Rich flew Drones in Afghanistan for a year while she awaited his return and shortly after they tied the knot in San Miguel de Allende amongst family and friends.

Their love is one of strength and authenticity. A love that oceans cannot separate.

San Miguel de Allende is known for it's colorful culture and architecture and is located in the eastern part of the state of Guanajuato. Shortly after being declared the first municipality declared independent of Spanish rule after the Mexican War of Independence, the city was on the verge of becoming a ghost town if it weren't for local artists who moved in and began cultural and artistic institutions, which the town is still known for today.

The oldest part of the town is the square, established in 1555 and housing one of the most incredible landmarks in all of Mexico, the Parish Church of San Miguel.