Paris Inspiration Session
December 10, 2013
RomanticWeddings in Historical Venues
Romance and Paris go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter, Bogey and Bacall and glitter and, well... anything.  So to say we got a little amped up to dive into this stunning shoot from Luxe Paris EventsLe Secret d'Audrey and One and Only Paris Photography is the understatement of 2013.  Because anytime a fabulous team of vendors pairs up with the City of Light, it's bound to be a swoon-worthy, gorgeous-filled gallery.  Join me there for every ounce of pretty.
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From One and Only Paris Photography... In the comfort of a private apartment Billy designed a beautiful wedding. As a stylist at heart he did an amazing job creating a stunning table covered in flowers.  You can elope and go for a very intimate celebration and still decide to surround yourself with the best Paris has to offer.

From Luxe Life Events... There is something remarkable about the movement and structure of couture which is what inspired this shoot. I love the idea of taking something that cannot move on its own and giving it life and was inspired by this very characteristic of the dress we used and wanted to recreate it in the design of the table. I love "flower structures," and "flower cascades," and therefore found myself creating a table base solely of white and blush hydrangeas, peonies and roses that seemed to fall from the arrangements on top. I believe in the beauty of simplicity therefore using a monochromatic color scheme felt natural. The style of the shoot was a juxta-position between old world Paris and a more modern aesthetic. It's for this we chose ghost chairs, Louis XIV in shape but modern through the use of the acrylic material and a glass top table rather than a more traditional look with chair covers and heavy table linens. For the candles, I always opt for tapers (when possible) because I think the overall look is much more romantic. Vintage candelabras were sourced through a flea market in Paris and cost very little. Details like this really bring the whole look together. To recreate a similar look I suggest using a monochromatic color scheme such as this and source old world objects (such as the candle holders) and use them with the newer items to get that chic juxtaposed look.