German Countryside Wedding
December 9, 2013
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I'm a sucker for love stories. The tales of chance meetings and unexpected fates. So when I heard about the series of events that brought Sarah and Thorsten together - despite living on opposite ends of the world - I couldn't help but get swept up in the magic of this quaint countryside wedding all the more. Photographed by Katch Silva, this one story and full gallery you can't afford to miss.
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From Katch Silva Photography.... Sarah and Thorsten got married in a German 'Landhaus', an elegant and rustic country house built by German nobility in the vineyards surrounding the village of Beilstein, Germany. The ceremony was on the patio, with the incredible town of Beilstein as the backdrop on one side, and the hills covered with vineyards on the other side. It was a day filled with incredible countryside beauty. Even with certain things going wrong (their wedding rings were lost in shipping the week of the wedding!) nothing could ruin their day. There was a cake and coffee hour right after the ceremony with ten cakes, all homemade by friends and family, plus their official wedding cake. I'll let Sarah tell you a little more in her own words.

From the couple... We met through an internet search gone awry. I was doing an internship in Germany, posted on a local internet forum with a plea for help after not finding any bike shops that could assist me. He did an unrelated google search regarding bikes, and stumbled on my post. He mailed. Bike was repaired. We took a ride.... A few weeks later (despite being madly in love), I returned to America to finish my studies. We skyped. and skyped. and skyped. 9 months later, I was back in Germany, and 4.5 years later after our fated and unintended discovery of one another, we are planning our wedding.

Her favorite memory: The beautiful aura before and after we gave our vows stands out in my mind. I remember being so overwhelmed with joy and emotion that I couldn't even speak. The vows were in German and I'm pretty sure I said something incomprehensible, but the feeling of love was so strong that the words weren't necessary. The pastor then joined our hands, and we were married! As we turned around and saw our collected friends and family who had traveled to share the day with us, it was this perfect moment of unifying love.

Couple's Advice: Splurge on the things that are most important to you! You're only going to do this once so go big on whatever element that makes you happy. Also, the only thing that REALLY matters on the day is the bride and groom attending and getting married. The other details aren't nearly important as you think! Our wedding rings were lost in the mail the week of wedding and initially we were completely devastated. On the day of, however, it was forgotten in the flood of happiness of marrying each other.