St Louis Engagement from Jordan Brittley
December 6, 2013
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Jordan Brittley is a photographer after my own heart. With captures are so effortlessly chic that basically anything she shoots turns to art, it's no wonder we tend to drop everything and swoon whenever her work comes our way. On today's agenda? A cozy farm engagement featuring  a couple so insanely cute it could make your heart swell with happiness. Yep, this e-sesh is one for the books.
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From Jordan Brittley... It's more than just the blues and greens of a late summer morning that will melt your heart today. It is the intimate joy that is found only in the purest kind of love. They walked through the meadows of "North County's Narnia" as the sun peaked over the gardens and awoke the farm animals in a gentle whisper.

They took a bicycle ride to the farm where they cut up apples and the horse pranced with delight. She giggled as the horse took the last piece of apple from her hand and giggled again when the little goat started chewing on her dress. And then they ran away to walk through the gardens and read to each other and hold hands in the meadow.

From the Bride... Our engagement session began on a beautiful late summer morning just after sunrise. It was a lovely morning filled with joy, laughter, and togetherness as we basked in the beauty of creation all around us. Kuhs Estate and Farm is often described as "North County's Narnia" and it did indeed feel like we were experiencing a magical world that morning. Strolling through the gardens hand in hand, lying on a blanket and reading together, riding through the field together on a vintage bicycle, and feeding the horses while a little goat pranced along happily beside us were whimsical moments that were perfectly captured by Jordan Brittley through the lens of her camera. We truly enjoyed our engagement session and we are thankful to have these beautiful photographs to remind us of the experiences and shared passions that have drawn us together in friendship and love. As we grow old together, I want to always look back and remember the days of reading "A Severe Mercy" together, the countless "moments made eternity" that we spent together in nature, and the joy that filled our hearts through laughter and deep love for one another.

My favorite memory from our engagement session is of a playful little goat who wandered over to us as we stood along the fence feeding the horses. This baby goat had such a happy spirit and seemed to dance along. It kept us all laughing as it chewed on my dress and the dress of our photographer and then proceeded to follow us through the field.

I am excited to experience life together with my best friend and spend each day by his side. Our entire relationship has been long-distance, so we are both looking forward to the day when we can wake up next to each other and enjoy simply being together in the same place. I am looking forward to growing deeper in friendship and love with my husband and understanding new depths of the gospel of God's grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love through marriage.