Lake Engagement from Gemini Photography Ontario
December 2, 2013
North America
You guys, this engagement session from Gemini Photography Ontario is just as adorable as they get. It's also as beautiful, stunning, romantic (and every other adjective in the book) as they get too. It's a gallery filled to the brim with love, and one that is sure to inspire any of you cuties looking to add a little sweetness to your next shoot. See it all here.
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From Gemini Photography Ontario...Sarah and Dean took a little cruise on Dean's parents' boat and I was lucky enough to capture all of the romance (I was definitely reminded of that one particular scene from The Notebook)! The late summer sun was JUST RIGHT and gave everything it touched a golden hue. After they dipped their toes in the water, they snuggled up by a fire and watched the sun go down.