Tuscan Castle Wedding from Studio Bonon Photography + Efffetti Wedding Planners & Events in Tuscany
November 27, 2013
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Tuscan weddings can be hard. The countryside is so beautiful in that part of Italy (ahem, ALL of Italy) so it really is a task to build a beautiful wedding that stands next to the stunning country, both complementing it and living up to it. But as we see with this fairy tale soiree, if you've got Efffetti Wedding Planners & Events in Tuscany on your side, you have nothing to worry about. Studio Bonon Photography's images of the day show a wedding that is nothing short of perfect under that beautiful Tuscan sun.
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From the planner... Daria and Paolo decided to have a destination wedding in Tuscany, even if for them it was just 4 hours drive, this meant a lot more to think about, compared to a close-to-home wedding. Daria wanted a fairy tale unique wedding whose theme was just "pink heart" ... so she asked Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany for a full planning of their wedding in Tuscany. They were suggested to celebrate their marriage at the Castle of Santa Maria Novella, a castle built in the 1100 and only recently rented for private events. This granted the uniqueness of the venue and the glam of an ancient and historical luxury venue. The location impressed Daria and Paolo immediately. All of their guests were able to sleep at the castle and could experience a weekend of pure luxury and a jump into the past.

The ceremony was held in the lawn of the castle involving the bridesmaid the groomsman two of the other friends and the 3 kids of the couple who all together performed the sand ceremony... ending with the little one playing with the sand...

The wedding celebrant was provided by the team of Italian Wedding Celebrants and the minister is also a close friend to the couple. The ceremony was so touching and most of the readers, the couple and guests were so emotional throughout the marriage.

The mum of the bride worked with Efffetti to create a nicely heart shaped "tableau de mariage" (sitting plan, each table had the name of a place where the couple had been on vacation), some stationery, favours (little bottles of home made "Cedrina" an Italian liquor similar to Limoncello which she prepared last winter, plus the typical Italian "Confettata" table (a table where guests favours and several types of Italian Confetti Candies (sugared almonds or flavoured creams covered with candied sugar) are placed to be offered to the guests at the end of the party. Simone Bertini Flower Designer built the special marquee with flowers for the ceremony and the bridal bouquet. Efffetti made all the rest including table decorations. The team of Studio Bonon Photography took amazing shots even from the top of the towers hanging on the top to make aerial pictures of the venue and of the couple.