Singapore Engagement Session by Elikon Picture
November 19, 2013
This engagement session is amazing.  Amazing in ways you sort of didn't even know could exist.  Think one ethereal-like image after another of two seriously stunning sweeties, all set against a breathtaking Singapore backdrop and captured by the oh-so-talented Elikon Picture.  And when I tell you that the lovely bride-to-be crafted her own dresses for every last second of pretty, you'll be beside yourselves.  See all of the lovely right here.
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From Elikon Picture... I'd like to share with you one of our most exciting Engagement Session project this year with a beautiful & crafty bride. She is an architect by vocation but she does a bit of fashion design for hobby. For this e-session, the bride spent many sleepless nights to design & sew her dresses herself. And they turned out gorgeous! It was a sunny day in Singapore and the beautiful sunlight just made the photos dreamy and magical.

From the Bride... Nature and natural lights has always been our preference, as when we see nature it reminds us on how great is Our Creator. Our photographer helps us to find beautiful spots in remote places and create a beautiful photo concept where we can appreciate nature in our photos. He carefully capture every single moment with precise sun angles to create beautiful pictures. This engagement photo is a beautiful memories for both us as a celebration of our love and commitment.

Something special about this engagement photo, I spent sleepless night to design and sew my own dresses for this photo shoot. I even brought the sewing kit and did the final touch up of the dress during photo shoot break time. As I love lace so much, I created white lace dresses to bring elegance look in this photo. I paired one of the lace dresses with beautiful flower garland hairpiece to complete the elegance look.

From the Groom... As far I remember, nothing can be compared to the experience when we had the photoshoot. So long living in a very 'urbanized' places, we lost our appreciation to means of natural. Not artificial, true to its own, and we had that in our photos. When light is natural sunlight, background are things that you may found in daily life but we didn't appreciate it, and last but most important ... we had moment. A very much natural moments. Not acting, but to be ourselves, and the photographer is very smart to capture our moment and freeze it in time.