Ontario Wedding from Eyekahfoto
November 19, 2013
North America
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I think I love this wedding.  Actually, scratch that... I know I love this wedding.  Because this is a wedding that isn't just chock-full of beautiful details (it sooo is), but is brimming with those kind of touching moments that will make your heart sing.  In other words, it's a master class in vintage chicness with an awesome side of modern lovely, all set against a glamorous meets romantic setting.  Bask in the lovely captured by Eyekahfoto right here in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... Picking the venue was easy, we’re from Toronto but Niagara held a charm to the both of us. It’s a place where we used to escape and go on mini vacations during University when we couldn’t afford a trip down south. We came across Queenston Heights in the summer when we were showing my siblings where he proposed. We heard classical music playing Bach’s Cello Suites. We followed the staircase leading up to the park, which led us to the historical Brock’s Monument. There, we saw a wedding taking place and we knew that was the place.

On the days leading up to the big day, the weather reports kept fluctuating. The day before the wedding, there was non-stop downpour. Miguel and I were closely monitoring the hourly weather for Saturday and the forecast looked grim. Rain was promised at 70 percent and we were devastated. We had a rain plan, but it wasn’t as romantic as our outdoor ceremony. I tossed and turned that night and decided to start the day at 6AM since I was too worried and anxious. I pushed open the curtains and rain was beading down my window. It was gloomy and cloudy and so were my spirits. I said a little prayer and proceeded to do my prep. A couple of hours later, the room seemed much brighter and sure enough, the sun came out for the rest of the day! There was so much emotion that day, I felt so blessed and thankful.

My personal style has always been classy, elegant and modern – I like a large variety of styles and colors (I am a graphic designer after all), so I knew planning my wedding would be a challenge. Initially, I was torn between having a Great Gatsby or a nautical theme. After pinning for several months, my vision became clearer. I wanted a more soft, demure and romantic vibe. Right away I thought of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” To interpret such effect, I started playing around with neutral shades. My colors were derived from summer elements like the gold from the sun’s rays, soft shades of pink and peach from peonies, and beige from the sand. We also incorporated gold Chevron patterns throughout our décor to give a modern substance.