Lake Crackenback Wedding from Lovers Lane Photography
November 19, 2013
Australia & South Pacific
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Weddings like this one are perfect for many reasons.  They're stunningly intimate, gorgeously styled and brimming with soooo much pretty, it's hard to even put into words.  But beyond all of the mesmerizing details and oh-so-lovely decor is a beautiful bride and groom who know a thing or two about facing challenges head on... with the help of each other and their amazing friends and family.  This, my friends, isn't just a wedding, it's a testament to true love, all captured by Lovers Lane Photography in ways that will take your breath away.  Click here for more.
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From the Bride... Ben and I have both come from similar backgrounds and share a love of the mountains, our friends and our families. This was the inspiration behind our wedding at Crackenback. Lake Crackenback provided us with the opportunity to celebrate our marriage in the beautiful surrounds of the Snowy Mountains where we have both spent many years skiing, running and riding horses. Because this was a mutual venue for our family and friends, everyone was able to come together, enjoy themselves and revel in a weekend away where the most we had to worry about was how we were going to convince the groom to stay with his best man the night before.

I felt fortunate that I had the opportunity to spend the morning of my wedding with my parents, sister and bridesmaid. Their demeanor calmed the flurry of emotions that come with a wedding day and it was a truly special time to be able to spend with them. The excitement of having hair, makeup and a sneaky champagne throughout the morning meant that before I could catch my breath, it was time. I remember the excitement I felt walking up the stairs to put my dress on, knowing that I had a beautiful dress and a radiance and joy to match it. My dress felt like every wedding dress should… perfect, and when I saw my dad for the first time, I couldn’t help but notice the emotion that it stirred in him.

Being an outdoor wedding in the mountains, weather is always a concern, but the day could not have been better. As we walked outside for photos and to head to the ceremony, the only shiver I felt was the excitement of what the rest of the day held for us all. The ceremony could not have gone better. Set on top of a grassy hill overlooking Lake Crackenback and the Snow Mountains, we felt as though everything ‘just fit’ and I soon forgot about all the eyes looking at us.

After some lovely drinks with family and friends, Ben and I headed off with our bridal party for photos. Endless praise must go to our photographers Lovers Lane Photography, we had Lyndon for the day and despite having only just met us both, he had scouted photo locations perfectly.

Throughout our wedding planning, Ben had been very easy going about decisions, but when we arrived at our photo location his eyes lit up, ‘this is us’ he said, and I knew that our wedding photos were going to be forever treasured because they were a direct reflection of who we are and what we love.

Following our photos and on returning to Lake Crackenback, Ben and I decided we needed to share our day with another special person and so we all settled in to watch Black Caviar run her last race before heading to the reception. Despite having planned my tables and the venue layout etc, the room was only available to us on the day of the wedding to be setup and so I had not seen the venue completed. When we were announced and walked in though, I couldn’t have been happier. Everything was perfect!!

Ben and I have had a roller coaster 2013, as I was diagnosed with cancer only one month before our wedding and was scheduled to start treatment two days after our wedding. While many people may feel this is something that would cloud a wedding day, I can honestly say it had the opposite effect. We were so grateful to have this time with our friends and family, and everything just seemed to go right. We had the perfect venue, beautiful food and wine, a great band, beautiful weather, and topping it all off was a fantastic photographer who played such an important part in our day.

Our wedding date was the 13th of April 2013…. Too many unlucky thirteen’s in there many might say, but for us, it was a perfect pairing and a day we will never forget.