Behind the Scenes with Samuelle Couture from KT Merry
November 19, 2013
Ever since her design graced the cover of our SMP Weddings book, I've been wholeheartedly obsessed with Samuelle Couture. Because she doesn't just create dresses. She creates moments. And certainly isn't afraid to break the traditional "wedding dress rules" along the way. We caught up Sam to talk everything from bridal trends to motherhood, and the always amazing KT Merry was on hand to capture. Catch our full Q&A below and find even more photo goodies tucked away right here.
Style Me Pretty: How did you get your start in the bridal industry?

Samuelle Couture: I began when friends asked me to design their wedding dresses. A number of them were artists, people who were looking for something other than the traditional wedding dress. They were also people with a creative eye and openness to collaboration.

SMP: First article of clothing you designed?

SC: As a younger person, the people, the looks and the sounds of London town inspired me. I came of age with Post-Punk – a very creative time in the UK for both music and fashion – and my earliest clothing designs would have been for me and my friends when we travelled into the city to see bands. It all seems a long, long time ago!
SMP: The moment you realized you had “made it” in the industry?

SC: I’m not sure if one ever feels one’s made it, it’s always a work in process from collection to collection I strive to create looks that stay true to my ideal. I’ve had some wonderful moments while founding Samuelle Couture, and built some great relationships with creative and like-minded people in the industry. It was very special to recently sell a collection to a notable store and also to have one of my wedding dresses appear on
SMP: The greatest lesson you've learned in business?

SC: I’ve been careful to grow and nurture Samuelle Couture organically, in a way that I can sustain and develop. It’s a learning process, and every business has it’s own personality.
SMP: Do you have any predictions for upcoming bridal trends?

SC: I’m not much of a trend follower. I would say that some of each new collection has been inspired by conversations I’ve had with past brides, as well as watching the beautiful fabrics and detailing in the couture collections. For me, the perfect wedding dress combines the mood of the moment as well as classic couture. It should captivate and inspire the bride and the audience!

SMP: Your advice for selecting that perfect gown?

SC: Don’t rush the decision, take your time and allow time.
SMP: How do you manage to balance work and motherhood?

SC: Balancing work and motherhood is a fine balance and quite a challenge! My new son is such a gorgeous beautiful spirit that I want to spend every minute with him. He makes me laugh instantly, and brings a new joy into my home. Designing and making wedding dresses has been my love for so many years, I am trying to nurture both!
SMP: Three things every woman should have in her closet?

SC: An inspired scent, some lovely underwear and a weekend get away bag!

SMP: Words to live by?

SC: Be true to yourself.
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