SMP New York Welcomes Our Advertisers!
November 16, 2013
Tri State
Staring at beautiful wedding imagery is something that will never, ever get old... and when it comes to taking stop-you-in-your-tracks, seriously mesmerizing photos, Weddings by Two really knows how it's done.  Maybe that's because this husband and wife duo (and friends) are literal geniuses behind the camera, or maybe it's because their clients are the perfect combo of oh-so-lovely and seriously stylish all in one.  My guess? It's the very best mix of all of the above.  Spend your Saturday getting to know them, lovelies... and prepare to fall in love.
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From Weddings by Two... Weddings by Two is the wedding photography company started by the husband-and-wife team of Ben Fraser and Laura Miller. They have expanded to include three additional photographers while maintaining the conviction that wedding photography be about exceptional imagery, period. Not about gimmicks and trends. Gimmicks and trends make them angry and smart-alecky! Normally though, they are so so nice and you will wonder if you actually hired them or if they are one of your beloved guests. Seriously. They love what they do and are grateful to be doing it!

About their photography: Their images might be playful, ironic, beautiful or absurd. In the end, they aim for classic, or better yet, iconic. They are big fans of Joel Sternfeld's archetypal portraits, and also of big apertures and soft, natural, glow-y light. "Magic light," even if it isn't really magic hour. For fans of old-school photography, they will pull out their Hasselblads, Holgas, and maybe even a real Polaroid. For old time's sake.

Welcome to the family, Weddings by Two!  We are so happy to have you! xo