Chateau Laurier Wedding from Joel Bedford Weddings
November 15, 2013
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This wedding right here?  It's the sort of wedding you obsess over.  A wedding that is sooo full of gorgeous details and heart skip a beat moments, you can't seem to get enough.  I guess that's what happens when a beautiful bride and groom join forces with a talented team of vendors (think Joel BedfordMillennium Blossoms and WOW Events).... pure, unadulterated magic.  Click here for more.
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Cindy and I often found ourselves in the same circle of friends when I moved to Ottawa in 2009. We would attend the same church, events, dinners, concerts and parties. From there Cindy and I developed from acquaintances to good friends in a matter of a couple years. We quickly realised that we had a lot more in common than originally thought. And after years of being friends, we naturally developed into being the happy couple we are today.

After a short seven months of dating, I knew that Cindy would be the woman I wanted to marry. I also knew that if I waited any longer I would run the risk of somehow ruining what I knew to be the best thing that will ever happen to me.

So on a mild September night, I convinced Cindy that she needed to attend a work function with me that was to be held at the National Art Gallery that evening. All was in place. When she arrived she was surprised by a security guard awaiting her at the front doors of the gallery prepared to escort her inside. She quickly realized that, along with the escort, she was the only person in the gallery. As her coat was taken, she was walked to the water bridge room of the gallery where she was surprised with champagne, flowers, an uncountable amount of candles, along with a nervous groom-to-be.

After a fumbled speech, a yes, and a couple of tears, we were quickly swept outside for pictures by a well-placed photographer. Minutes later, and after little convincing, I was able to talk Cindy into going for wine at our favourite restaurant, “Play."

As we had arrived, Cindy, as well as all of our closest friends and family, were shocked to be a part of such a special occasion as they were all under the assumption they were simply attending a well-orchestrated "overdue night-out-on-the-town-dinner."

We spent the remainder of the night laughing, drinking and celebrating.

The most memorable moment of our wedding was simply the party afterwards. There was a special energy in the hall that night that could be not be replicated while we were celebrating with family from all over the world and close friends. Cindy and I danced with a certain sense of heightened happiness, excitement, and relief that you just can’t plan for.

Our favourite wedding detail was the getaway car ride after the ceremony in the white mini-cooper. The car was decorated by Cindy's sister with a “Just Married” sign and clanging strings of cans behind. The car ride on the gorgeous Ottawa River Parkway, as husband and wife, from the church to Major’s Hill Park was a fabulous private moment. It was so exciting when people, waved, honked, and yelled well-wishes and congratulations as we drove by. As for myself, I would have to say the music and the party. DJ Nick was phenomenal; he kept the party going all night long.

Our photographers Joel Bedford and his fiancé Justyna were awesome. When choosing a photographer we were not only concerned with the product but the people behind the camera. We figured they would be the people we would be forced to stare at all day and the last thing we wanted was to deal with someone unpleasant. But Justyna and Joel were wonderful. By the end of the night Cindy and I saw them more as guests then we did vendors. We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of amazing shots from amazing people.

If you are looking for the most fun, professional and talented videographers then look no further than RENO Video in Ottawa. Sylvain and Caroline made us feel comfortable and relaxed, which is hard to do with a camera in your face all day. They were fun and excited about our wedding from the moment we met them until the last moments of the night. They made sure to catch every great moment as it happened while blending in the crowd so naturally. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.