Minnesota Wedding from Emily Steffen Photography
November 13, 2013
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Yesterday we debuted our second edition of the Fashion & Beauty E-Magazine in all its gorgeous glory and to say this puppy is jam-packed with goodness is a gross understatement. To keep the party going, we thought it would be fun to dive a bit deeper into the 11 real weddings tucked inside its virtual pages. Up first is a Minnesota affair photographed by Emily Steffen with florals and design by Sadies Floral. Honestly, this Bride has one of the most infectiously adorable smiles we've come across and killer sense of style to boot. Have a look at the full gallery for even more and be sure to flip through the E-Magazine for the full spread.
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From the Bride... When I started thinking about my dress I didn’t know where to start. I had made my own prom dresses in the past because I loved design so much and I love texture in clothing. For my wedding dress I really wanted something that had my design vision in it, including lots of texture. Since my demands were high I thought I would need to make it – but making a wedding dress! That’s a lot of work. On a whim I went to the beautiful and beloved store in Edina, Priscilla of Boston. That was it – five dresses later I said yes to my wedding skirt, top and veil. With the help from our awesome consultant at Priscilla I was able to piece it together! The bottom was a very textured – a full but soft chiffon skirt designed by Priscilla of Boston. I knew it was perfect when we matched it together with a Melissa Sweet sweetheart top with vintage crystals and small pearls! And last but not least, my favorite part, a Melissa Sweet long cathedral length veil! My veil did it for me and made me feel like a bride!!! It had lots of texture and detail around the edges. That was it-my dress was complete!

My advice to brides would be to not be afraid of texture! Mixing fabrics and textures, and even designers, can get you the exact outcome you want, making you feel like the bride you want to be!!! I also never thought that my wedding dress would be a two-piece, but that made it perfect! Be open to different things - it just might lead you to what you really want!

When deciding my color palette I knew that I wanted it to be a mix of very natural colors. I love Shattuck, my venue, and I really wanted the feel and details to enhance Shattuck and add to what was already there! Soft gray blue has always been my favorite color so I knew that was a must, but it’s not a very easy color to find. I decided to keep gray blue my focus but included any hue that brought to life the feel I was looking for.

For Shattuck’s Armory, the reception venue, I always kept in mind the big picture. The space was big, so I really focused on highlighting that fact. There were high ceilings so I showcased the height by bringing in tall curtains that gave the room an awe factor. Too much space can make the room loose an intimate feel, so over the dance floor we hung low twinkle lights. Playing with texture, ceiling level and room ambiance transformed the space from a gym to my dream venue.

So many things in my wedding I found by looking off the beaten path!! I always kept my eyes open for things. Most often that is when I found them, in the most random spots! It is easy now to get ideas from places. Keep those ideas in your mind and find things that you can help create your vision and bring life to your ideas.