Kleinburg Station Wedding at The Doctors House by MoxiePix Photos by Dana
November 13, 2013
North America
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When a wedding happens to be overflowing with love, sentiment and peonies, I know we've hit the SMP jackpot. It's the perfect trifecta of fabulous, and this wedding captured by Moxie Pix Photos by Dana couldn't be a better (or prettier) example. It doesn't hurt that the Bride just happens to be an event planner, so you know that trifecta will play out in the prettiest of ways - see it all unfold right here.
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From MoxiePix Photos by Dana...I am so excited to share this DIY wedding with you! The vibrant colour palette of multiple shades of pink instills a feeling of energy and happiness like no other. Believe it or not, the couple's wee dachshund, Frank is the inspiration behind this blissful DIY wedding!

The bride, an event planner and avid SMP follower, planned every detail of their magical wedding with style, some examples include but are not limited to a set of eight glass magnet favours that represented something about the bride and groom, the flower girls' dresses and hair clips, the seating chart, menus and an eye spy card game for the tables. Plus-- the groom designed the most unique and stunning engagement ring I have ever seen!

From the Bride... After losing my best friend Carolyn in a car accident and feeling all alone in this tragic loss, I met Jason a month later in the elevator of our building. He said hi, and we continued to walk and talk on the way to work in the same direction. He had lost his father to cancer years before, so although they were different circumstances, he understood how I was feeling and became my rock during the hardest time of my life. We were inseparable every day after that.

Three years later, Jason took me to New York (my favourite place in the world) for my birthday. He proposed to me in Central Park at my favourite bridge where a turtle was our only witness. He hugged me from behind and asked “would you marry me”. I responded with “well ya” not realizing that was the actual proposal until he put the ring in front of my face. I couldn’t stop saying wow. Twenty wow’s later, he asked me if I had anything else to say besides wow, and I responded with “well you said would you, not will you”. As funny as it sounds now, that moment was perfect to me. Nothing over the top, very intimate, and in the best spot in New York!

We wanted a fun-filled summer wedding for our closest friends and family. Being an event planner, I was thrilled to finally plan the wedding I envisioned. Blissful would be the word to describe the day. We drew inspiration from our dachshund, Frank (who had to be included in everything somehow) and multiple shades of pink. Jason and I have so much affection towards each other. He’s the most caring individual I have ever met and we both knew hints of pink would represent the love between us.

I was so excited the day of our wedding. I just wanted to see Jason! Looking back now, one of my favourite moments was when we finally got to kiss each other. It was extremely hot that day so of course Jason’s face was a little wet. Not realizing what I did, after the kiss I said ‘ewww gross’ (thankfully only Jason heard me) and I wiped his face with my hands. Everyone in the chapel burst into laughter. You can’t plan these moments! It will forever remind me of how much fun we had.

When I walked down the aisle with my father, wrapped in my bouquet was a locket with Carolyn’s photo, one of Carolyn’s rings and my grandmothers wedding ring. I’m a sentimental person, so having Carolyn so close to me meant everything. She was with me every step of the way. I wanted to do something for Jason as well, so pinned to his wedding gift of Tiffany & Co. New York cufflinks (had to include my name and our engagement into our wedding), was the same silver locket with a photo of his father on his wedding day. During the son and mother dance, Jason opened up his Jacket and showed his mother the pinned locket with the photo. She began to cry and I knew that moment meant everything to both Jason and his mother.

I am a very hands-on event planner, so there were so many aspects of our wedding that were DIY projects; including a set of eight glass magnet favours that represented something about the bride and groom. Other DIY projects included the flower girl dresses and hair clips, the seating chart, menus and an eye spy card game for the tables.

The venue itself was absolutely perfect. There was something so special about The Doctors House. The candlelit chapel was romantic and the surrounding gardens were gorgeous. We had so much fun at the reception – especially at the dance. The highlight of our dance was when our DJ played ‘Fresh Prince of Bell Air’ and everyone went nuts singing!

Our wedding day was a dream come true. We couldn’t have had a better day surrounded by those we love and mean the world to us. We are so thankful for our photographer Dana, for capturing so many love-filled moments and especially the detailed shots of Frank and my grandfather’s loveseat bench. Thank you!!