Summer’s Bounty Inspired Shoot by The Little Things + Sarah Jayne Photography
November 12, 2013
New England
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Summers in New England are pure magic. Maybe because we wait so long for them, but you'll be hard pressed to find a New Englander who doesn't swoon over that short season. So even though we are making our way into the winter months, this gorgeous shoot captured by Sarah Jayne and designed by The Little Things is the perfect reminder that summer will be back again - until then you can spend your days dreaming right here in the full gallery of gorgeous.
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From Sarah Jayne Photography...Summers in New England are simply breathtaking, and yield a bounty of fruits, veggies and wildflowers that are rich with color and textures. The shoot took place during the peak of summer at Green Meadows Farm and the acres of farmland were bursting with an abundance of crops including ripe blueberries and raspberries, fresh herbs like basil and thyme, and a variety of wildflowers. These elements were incorporated throughout the shoot to bring our vision to life!

In keeping with the theme, we offered individually potted herbs for guests to take home, plant, and continue to enjoy each summer for years to come.  We set up a "fresh or frozen" cocktail bar, featuring various types of pre-mixed cocktails in pitchers that incorporated fruit and/or herbs or veggies. Guests were offered ice cubes with fruits and herbs frozen inside, so when their ice melted on such a hot day it would enhance their beverage rather than simply watering it down. We also offered frozen "poptail" versions of each of those cocktails, which were extremely refreshing on such a hot day! In addition to the beautiful cake, the dessert table featured a selection of whoopie pies - a true mid-summer classic in New England.

We had a blast planning and executing this shoot, and we hope you find inspiration for your wedding in these photos!