Milwaukee Wedding from Heather Cook Elliott Photography
November 12, 2013
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With the raising trend of Gatsby in wedding decor, I've come to really, really love the Art Deco feel. It's a new favorite for sure, but it wasn't until I saw this modern deco wedding... an updated version of what we would have seen 80 years ago... that I really jumped in with both feet. This bride is a beautiful genius and she rocked her mother's wedding gown (with a few modern updates, of course). Heather Cook Elliott Photography captured the big day that has stolen my heart, never to give it back.
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From the photographer... Laura & Tom are musicians, or at least were when they met in the band at Northwestern, but it wasn’t just a taste for good music that struck me on their wedding day, but rather a taste for good everything. They live and work in Chicago - Tom as an actor and Laura as Jack (Jill) of all trades at a startup - and they love their life in Lincoln Square. So of course they brought some of their new home town sensibility with them when designing their wedding in Laura's home state of Wisconsin.

They are old souls and love the nostalgia of eras gone by so they wanted their wedding day to be very much a mixture between old and new, an updated version of what one might have seen at a wedding in the 20s and 30s. Laura wore her mother's wedding gown, redesigned but still reminiscent of her mom's silhouette and their venue - The Wisconsin Club - is a a glorious relic of an older age. Tom sported a pocket watch and all the ladies wore pearls, but hints of modernity struck me, too. Laura's black sash and hints of neon green and purple chevrons peeped out here and there. They further mixed modern sensibility and design with old world charm in everything from the wispy, romantic flowers to nostalgic art deco wedding invitations.

The Bridesmaids were dressed in J.Crew chic simplicity and the petite wedding party meandered from the wedding cake architecture of the Wisconsin Club to the grand Church of the Gesu where Laura’s cousin presided over their union. In the crisp air of a looming midwestern autumn Laura & Tom headed to the River that reminds them so much of Chicago's great water way and then back to the Club where tables were named for L Stops. More little surprises worth mentioning: Laura embroidered messages to bridesmaids in their gifted clutches and Laura & Tom performed a choreographed first dance (with lifts!) They served tasty cobblers and pies in lieu of cake and they simply did things the way they wanted – in good taste, in good fun, in good everything.