Americana Wedding from Brooke Courtney Photography
November 11, 2013
Mid Atlantic
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I have my own special Veteran at home; my dear, sweet husband. So I know all too well how important and special this day is and in honor of all the service men and women who have so bravely served for our country we wanted to celebrate you in true SMP style; with a wedding that embodies all things Americana. It's a red, white and blue extravaganza captured by Brooke Courtney Photography and you can see even more right here in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... At Temple University, Kyle & I made what seemed like a simple decision that had a huge impact on our lives. We decided to take a dance class. It filled some University requirements and Kyle thought he would be able to meet girls in a dance class. Kyle Burns is a smart man. At first, I only noticed Kyle a little bit. Kyle spent the first few weeks ruling out all the girls he didn’t want to dance with. I was obviously in his “to dance with” list. After a few weeks, it was time to study swing dancing and we needed partners. Most students had friends in the class, but we looked around in search of an adequate partner. Our eyes met, we pointed at each other and with that silent agreement, something divine happened.

We danced, and talked, and may have flirted a little bit. At one point, the professor instructed everyone to switch partners, but Kyle & I looked at each other and shook our heads at the same time. We were perfectly fine where they were. As we walked out of class at the end of the night, we were talking about where we lived. I was a junior and Kyle was a freshman. It was definitely a surprise to me. As I biked home, I couldn’t get Kyle out of my head. It was the beginning of something amazing.

There were 2 main reasons we chose this venue. The first reason is that we were only going to have a 6 month engagement. The second was that I was looking for a big open beautiful barn! The loft at the Country Barn has beautiful hardwood floors, lovely farm tables, exposed brick, beautiful lighting & was a big open space.

When Kyle & I started talking about when we would get married and narrowed down the timeframe, we chose red, white & blue because we, particularly Kyle, just love America. I always knew I wanted to create a unique & personal look for our day. I didn’t want any “cookie cutter” wedding decorations and had a lot of fun designing each table to be unique with the items I had found at thrift stores leading up to the big day. We wanted everything to be fun, unique, personal, cool, vintage, Americana.

We did our best to add special touches everywhere. Our wedding program was one of my favorite aspects of our day. It had a lot of information about Kyle & I, our bridal party, and the day including a Q&A section and “random facts that you might find useful.” As I designed each table, I thought about who was sitting there to connect something to them. For example, at my Popou’s table, there was a photo of him and my Yai Yai from their wedding day. At a table full of Temple friends, there was a Philadelphia bell & vintage postcards from the city.

I remember the nerves and excitement I felt leading up to our first look. Kyle knew I designed my own dress, but had no idea what it looked like, so I was pumped for him to finally see it! We were so excited to see each other and it is captured so well in our photos.