Spain Inspired Engagement shoot from Shea Christine
November 6, 2013
Wow. That's literally the only word I could actually mutter when I came across this stunning session from Shea Christine Photography. Just wow. It's absolute perfection from start to finish (and don't even get me started on her hair, so gorgeous), and it's all waiting for you right here.
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From Shea Christine... Ashley and Adrian's engagement session took place on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. A place rich with history and inspiration. Their outfits were lovely and they sparked with happiness.

From the Bride... Adrian and I were raised in Miami, with many mutual friends and knowing many of the same people. We always missed meeting each other and didn't even know it until after we were already together. But you don't force magnets together, you just put them relatively close and it just works. That's all it took. To get us in the same room together for the first time and the bond was formed instantly, without either of us knowing. We were linked together. We had no choice. It's science.

Fast forward four years later, we're on a mountain top in Barcelona overlooking the beautiful Park Güell and Adrian asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and it was the greatest surprise I could ever dream of! (How he managed to keep the ring a secret for the week we had already spent in Spain, I have no idea) We're getting married in February and are extremely excited.