Hamptons Engagement Shoot from Alicia Swedenborg
November 5, 2013
Tri State
Plain and simple, this Hamptons engagement shoot from Alicia Swedenborg is just gorgeous. Maybe it's the light, maybe it's the gorgeous photography, maybe it's the stunning couple, maybe it's all of the above - whatever it may be, it makes this gallery of images as pretty as they come. See it all here.
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From the couple...As Michael, a Consultant at the management consultancy Accenture, was thumbing through stacks of resumes looking for Analysts to round out a newly formed project team, he could never have imagined that years later he would become engaged to the girl whose resume sat atop the pile. When he greeted Whitney for the first day of her new assignment, a relationship began that would evolve from professional to personal and from colleagues to couple.

Whitney and Michael would spend several months working across clients, industries, and geographies, learning from one another while collaborating on assignments. It would take two years of being close associates before a casual Friday evening on Manhattan’s Upper East Side would turn into an unforgettable night that would shape the rest of their lives. Surprising none of their mutual friends, Whitney and Michael’s relationship began over dinner, and they have never looked back.

I grew up spending every summer with my family in the Hamptons hamlet of Quogue, and lots of time in the neighboring village of Westhampton. I started bringing Mike out the first summer we started dating to spend time at the beach and with the friends I grew up with. The following summer we got our own little place and continued to do so the following 5 years. It has become a special weekend getaway for us from the NYC craziness and a place we love to bring our friends. We considered getting married out there but when we landed on a venue in Manhattan, we knew we had to take our engagement pictures there. We took pictures in the village, at our favorite bar (John Scott's Surf Shack!), and where we stayed on Dune Road (the Beehive Bungalows).
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