Skopelos Island, Greece Wedding from Vangelis Photography
November 4, 2013
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Is it just me or is Greece like the most beautiful country in the world?  I mean, crystal blue waters and endless sunny skies doesn't even begin to describe the pretty that is bursting from this European paradise, and when you throw in a wedding like this one captured by Vangelis Photography, it's sort of off the charts lovely.  I'm talking smiling faces, gorgeous backgrounds and a whole lot of happy.  See it all in the full gallery.
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From Vangelis Photography... A few years ago Skopelos Island was not among the best-known Greek islands, such as Santorini or Mykonos. However, this certainly wasnt due to lack of beauty; on the contrary its lush green vegetation (in fact its the greenest Mediterranean island) and its pristine beaches made Skopelos a well-kept secret among well-traveled people.

However, things changed in 2007, when the film adaptation of the famous musical Mamma Mia! was shot on Skopelos. Suddenly people started wondering what was the beautiful Greek island that served as the background of the film. Of course Skopelos also became a popular wedding destination, since many couples wanted to have a fairy-tale wedding and a big party afterwards exactly like the film.

Simone and John were one of those couples, who chose to come to Skopelos to get married, although they live in South Africa. Their wedding took place at a Greek-orthodox church and the reception at a summer beach bar. The next-day sunset photos were shot at a beautiful location with three pine trees, which was also used as background for some scenes of the film. The place was very familiar to Simone and me since we both worked on the set of Mamma Mia, me as a backstage photographer and Simone as an extra.