Paparazzi Proposal in San Diego by Dmitry Rogozhin
November 4, 2013
United States
The perfect way to to kick off the week here on SMP California?  With a proposal, of course.  Because what better way to jump start your Monday than with two people sooo in love, it's palpable.  This, my friends, is a moment that will fill your entire day with happy and you can see it all captured by Dmitry Rogozhin right here in the full gallery.
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From Dmitry Rogozhin... Matt proposed to his girlfriend Lisa by the duck pond in the beautiful Paradise Point Resort in San Diego. I met with the groom-to-be an hour before they were supposed to come back together to do a little rehearsal, and she had no idea whatsoever. She thought they are going to the bar, and then the night club. Anyway, Matt forgot all the words he was rehearsing. The good news: she said Yes.