Fall Wedding at Dutchess Manor from Caitlinn Mahar-Daniels
November 1, 2013
Tri State
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Yes, we celebrated all things fall yesterday, but I just couldn't help but keep that party going when I came across this pretty soiree from Caitlinn Mahar-Daniels. And when I say pretty, I mean gorgeous. Blush dress, gorgeous. Autumn styling taken to an whole new level, gorgeous. Oh my goodness is this real life, gorgeous. It will make you want to hold onto the autumn months for just a tad bit longer, and you can do just that right here.
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From the Groom...​On April 8th, 2012 I asked Leanne to marry me. She thought we were heading to an Easter brunch with my family. What she didn't know was that my family and hers were waiting at a local movie theater for us to arrive where she'd watch a movie trailer that she would eventually realize was a story about us, ending in a proposal. When we arrived our families were hiding in the back of the theater. We sat down together and the trailer began. Leanne was commenting on how she wanted to see the movie and didn't realize it was about us until the final scene where she was surprised to see herself on the movie screen. She began to ask me "Stu, what is this?" and repeated it as she began to cry. Trying to hold back tears of my own, I got on my knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes, and as a final surprise her family came out and everyone applauded. It was the best day of my life.

From Caitlinn Mahar-Daniels...Stu is very clearly absolutely crazy madly in love with Leanne, and the best part is - she is about him as well. Not only are these two absolutely beautiful physically, but they may be even more beautiful human beings. The love, respect, consideration, and admiration they have for one another is for the history books.
Leanne's dress by Watters was a show stopper. An champagne, pinkish, tan. To say I loved it would be an understatement.

There wedding day was a gorgeous October day - with temperatures in the 80's! They fully embraced and accomplished an elegant fall wedding. Overflowing with King Crown Blue Pumpkins (like something out of a fairy tale) being the center focus of their centerpieces. Anemone's being the star of the floral design, and lanterns decorating the backs of the ceremony chairs. The gold, tan, green, and brown color scheme was so elegant, SO beautiful, and SO unexpected for fall - and worked beyond my wildest dreams as their photographer.

The photographs speak for themselves when it comes to the ceremony. THE SKY! Oh my goodness...that sky. The sun was setting and the clouds were epic - it looked unreal and I am still in awe of it when I think back to the moment and view the photographs.