Jekyll Island Engagement from Jennifer Blair Photography
October 30, 2013
Jennifer Blair, I love you. I love the way you capture moments, and the way your images just overflow with prettiness. I'll continue professing my admiration for your talent for as long as you send us gorgeous features like this one, where each image is worthy of the most prized spot on this couple's mantle. If I were them, I would fill my entire house with each of these work-of-art images sitting in this gallery, because they are just.that.gorgeous - and you can see precisely what I am talking about right here.
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Jennifer Blair Photography...This romantic session was captured on Jekyll Island, most of which feature the backdrop of Crane Cottage. The immaculate gardens and architecture was styled after the Italian Renaissance when built in 1917. Walking around the terraces and courtyard provides a little slice of Europe on the Georgia coast. Combined with the gargantuan Oaks adorned with Spanish moss, Jekyll Island is one of the most romantic destinations for miles. This nostalgic and European inspired place was the perfect backdrop for this stunning couple and their overflowing love. Lindsay & James danced and whispered in corners as if they belonged there. The scenery just added to the ethereal feel of the entire session.