Bridal Fashion Week: Joanna August!
October 30, 2013
Joanna August is basically the Queen Bee of bridesmaids dresses. With designs that are always completely romantic yet right on trend (hello, cut-outs, separates, and lace galore!) it's no wonder she's a favorite of SMP brides all across the board. I caught up with Joanna at market - who by the way, felt like an instant bestie - and picked her brain on choosing just the right look for you and your girls. She's dished some amaaaazing tips, so hear me when I say, you'll want to take notes!

Joanna's Tips


1. With larger bridal parties, it can be really hard on the eyes to have so many girls in one single look. Try mixing styles or various shades of the same color. 

2. Don't be afraid to add a hard belt on a soft dress. It can really transform the whole look.

3. The bride is always right, but she's going to have a much happier experience if she asks for input. Let your bridesmaid have a voice and feel like her opinion matters.
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Another topic on our bridesmaid agenda? Talking color trends of course! Joanna had lots to say about the blush pink popularity, and  those soft, subtle hues that've taken bridesmaid world by storm. "I don't think neutrals are on their way out. I think they have always been popular and are going to be in for a while. Since they compliment any palette, neutrals have a real staying power." You heard if from Joanna...neutral tones are here to stay!


Photography: Daniel Dorsa
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