Spring Engagement in Adelaide Engagement by Jewel Chenoweth Photography
October 24, 2013
South Australia
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Behind every feature on SMP is a wonderful story. A story that starts with two people not knowing each other and then not knowing what to do without each other. I can't get enough of it, which is why I spend my days lost in love stories like this one. And when you get to do so through images as gorgeous as these by Jewel Chenoweth Photography, It's not a bad way to spend the day. I highly recommend you doing the same, so be sure to read the whole story below, and catch all the images right here.
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From Jewel... A swoon worthy, smooches filled, peaches and sun rays, oh la la la E-Session just 9 days after their engagement. Amanda and Kym are deliciously in love and their engagement session fell on the first day of Spring where the sun shined down upon them. The first rays of sunshine on the first day of Spring in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, this sweet little Engagement Session was the end of their first week of being engaged.

Amanda and Kym met on the side of the road when her car broke down, a little over a year on and Kym was pushing aside Amanda's half eaten rack of roast lamb at a restaurant, flustered with nerves and unable to wait for dessert, announcing "I couldn't think of better woman to have by my side for the rest of my life, will you marry me?"

From The Bride...I was on the way home from a gym session with a good friend of mine, driving down Main north road at peek hour traffic is a hassle in its self but my little 1992 nissan pulsar decided to pack up on me. My friend had to get home for her son as it was almost child care pick up time and could not wait for the tow truck to come, So she decided to ring this handsome young man whom I now call my fiance'. I was annoyed that my car had broken down and did not feel like talking so i just glum-fully stood near a pole while Kym came and collected my friend.

A few months down the track after a Facebook request of course (seems to be the way of meet and greet these days) we got to talking and decided to go out together for a day down Harndorf. We had spent a majority of the day down there and without being said both didn't want to leave each others company. So, we ended up down the beach ( where may I add the waves were the biggest I've seen in my whole life) If it was not for Kym that day I would have possibly drowned. Yes the waves were that big. Now in real life, movie scenes just don't play out all that magical but as the waves were crashing around us it seemed like the world was frozen as we shared our first kiss.

A few months went on (6 to be exact) and Kym surprised me with a 2-night stay at the Arkabar in Norwood and on the second night took me to a little coffee lounge on Melbourne street named the Elephant Walk. Like a fairy tale in a dimmed set scene Kym went on to tell me he loves me and would love nothing more then to start a relationship. Of course I did not hesitate. The next month we moved in together. Which now, fast forwards us a year of living together and now for the proposal.

Just this Friday gone the 23rd August, Kym planned a night of may I say pure indulgence. We stayed at the Jacobs Creek Retreat which is just breath taking, we spent a majority of the day touring the vineyards and just having the most romantic day even though nothing was planned out everything just fell into place. Even though I was extremely exhausted from all the wine tasting and traveling, it was time to get ready for dinner reservations at Vitners Bar and Grill (don't let the name fool you this was fine dining at its best). As our mains came out Kym thought to himself that he would ask over dessert but that's when extreme nerves kicked in and he realised he had to do it now and it couldn't wait other wise it may have gone very wrong. After going to the toilet to piece himself together he came back and pushed aside my half eaten lamb rack. Where it was then said he could not think of a better woman to have by his side for life and then out came the ring and Amanda Maxwell, Will you marry me? Of course I said yes.

I think our story is just magical and we are just two peas in a pod. Not to mention my whole life my brothers and sisters have been saying to me that I am the brown cow of the family so how now brown cow. The day I marry Kym I will be Amanda Brown so my life really has just done a full loop in my brothers and sisters eyes.