Cape Cod Wedding at Popponesett Inn from Hike Photography
October 23, 2013
New England
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Cape Cod weddings are always special, but this one takes the cake. Because it's not only down right gorgeous thanks to the talented team of Cape Cod Celebrations, but it's also filled with heart (their description alone sent the good kind of shivers down my spine). You see, on top of planning a wedding, this amazing Bride also donated her kidney to her soon-to-be hubby. I'll let you take a moment to soak that in. They are literally the perfect match in so many ways, and their chic Cape Cod celebration must have been not only magical, but meaningful. See the entire day from Hike Photography right here.
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From Cape Cod Celebrations... I had the pleasure of working with Marci and Bob this past May and what an amazing couple, on every level of amazing. I was inspired to work with Marci and Bob by Judy Fligg from All About Flowers for Weddings, when she told me that Marci actually donated her kidney to Bob in order for him to basically stay alive. I mean, talk about love!

From the Bride... Bob and I met years ago while working at the same company and formed a great friendship. We are very similar with our sarcastic nature, so we had a lot of fun together. Three years ago we took our friendship into a relationship. Our relationship was always so easy, a part of me always knew that I would move to Newburyport where Bob was living and that we would be married. I never thought about it, just knew that was the direction. Our love for each other grew very strong and for the first time we both felt like we could truly love and be loved.

From the beginning of our relationship I always knew Bob had health issues. He struggled with a kidney disease for many years and we knew that at some point in his life he would need a kidney transplant. In January of 2012 he was told that it was time after dealing with his disease for 12 years, he would need to go through the process of becoming a recipient for a transplant and to start talking to family and friends about donating. Two family members wanted to get tested to become a donor for Bob, so we started that process. Bob and I tried to go on with life as usual. In March we went on an amazing trip to Scrub Island in the BVIs. To my surprise Bob asked me to marry him on that trip and everything was perfect.

After the trip Bob's family members that were being tested could not be donors. It was very emotional because of the willingness for them to donate as well as not being able too. Bob started to have other complications. I could not see him like this and wanted to do anything I could to help. I decided to call the transplant center and schedule to be tested, I didnt know my blood type, but wanted to try. Within three weeks of getting tested, I was a match for Bob. When I found out I was the match I knew I was going to have surgery. I was scared to death as I had never had a major surgery let alone spent a night in a hospital, but I knew I had to help and could never live with myself if I did not help him.

The week before the surgery Bob was admitted to the hospital with a pain in his arm. The surgery was cancelled and he was devastated, really not sure what was even going on. Later on we found out that Bob was suffering from a minor heart attack due to complications. The doctors handled his condition, but it left Bob with no choice, but to go on dialysis. With hope we would be able to be back on track in three months and have the surgery.

Three long months went by; Bob and I were once again cleared for surgery. There was excitement and so much fear. We were both so worried that this would affect our relationship. Neither of us wanted to resent each other we just wanted to be there for each other. On October 1st we had surgery and I donated my kidney to Bob. The surgery went well for both of us and we both had a long recovery ahead of us. With the help of our families we had the support we needed to get through a full recovery and although it wasnt always easy we made it through, together. Everything you go through in life makes you stronger and this made us as individuals stronger and together in our relationship resilient. We truly are the perfect match!

After surgery we started putting all our energy into planning our wedding. Since I was a little girl I always wanted to get married at the Popponesset Inn. I grew up on Cape Cod and really wanted to share that with Bob. Bob grew up in Newburyport, so we knew we wanted to have the wedding near the water. When I brought Bob to look at Popponesset, he thought it was perfect location for a romantic, casual and fun setting. I already knew the vendors I wanted to work with some old friends and some new faces. I met Judy Fligg from All about Flowers and instantly fell in love. Her creativity and ability to understand your vision is amazing. I met with her 6 weeks after surgery and she brought me back to life, her heart so fill with love and joy. Because of her I am able to work with the best vendors on Cape Cod. We chose a nautical theme of anchors, lanterns, sea glass, seersucker, and beautiful peonies in soft ivory and pink. Our invitations were custom done by Jen at Dulce Press, which set the scene for our Cape Cod wedding. We incorporated Cape Cod in our invitations and guest book. Cape Cod has become a second home for Bob and is special to both of us.

The wedding was incredible, everything we imagined it to be. Walking into the ceremony, Popponesset was breathtaking especially with the rain splashing down. Our family was a big part of our wedding party, which made the day that more special. Our twin nephews walked down before I did with driftwood sign that read Uncle Bobby here comes your girl. Rose pedals lined the aisle and at the end of the aisle were beautiful arrangements of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas on pillars. I held an all pink peonies bouquet with a charm to remember my mom; she passed away and wanted her to be part of my day too. We finished the ceremony and started pictures inside the tent, as we were getting through some pictures we noticed the sun peeking through and that the rain had stopped. All of us so excited went outside to the beach and was able to take some amazing shots on the beach thanks to Hike photography. I like to think it was my mom looking down on us sending her love. After pictures we went back into the tent got introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Eiserman and danced our first song I wont Give up by Jason Mraz, that Dan Sky sang for us. We chose Dan because we heard him sing one night and it touched our hearts.

When we sat and looked around the room we were amazed at the beauty of it all. Tables of white linen with cobalt chargers and glasses, white and pink flowers overflowing silver pales and lanterns, sea glass around the room, white lanterns and lights hanging from the ceiling, and the perfect little nautical touch of seersucker on the tables. We incorporated signs made out of driftwood for Mr & Mrs made by Liz Stotz of Newburyport. It was the perfect Cape Cod wedding. We dined and danced to the music of Dan Sky and just appreciated our lives, health and love.

It was a beautiful night for us and really came together with help from our fabulous vendors and planners that out of the goodness in their heart gave Bob and me a wedding to always remember after a year we wanted to forget! Many thanks and love to Jen at Dulce Press, Judy at All About Flowers for Weddings, Jamie Bohlin Cape Cod Celebrations, Jennifer Perry at Popponeset, Lisa from Delicious Desserts, and Dan Sky from Dan Sky music.