Seaside Boston Engagement Session from Audrey Courchesne Photography
October 21, 2013
New England
It's funny how fate works.  Like when a good friend tells you that they have the perfect match for you and years later you find out that they were so, so right.  That's exactly how it happened for these two sweeties, and that awesome set-up?  Well, it ended up being "the one" in so many ways.  Love is an amazing thing, SMPers and you can celebrate right along with these two cuties in the full gallery captured by Audrey Courchesne.  It's amazing.
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From the Bride... When I think about meeting the love of my life, Jas, I can't help but think that everything happens for a reason. We share a wonderful friend and she wanted to set us up for years before we actually met. The timing was actually perfect, but we both wish it had been much sooner and feel very lucky! From the very beginning, we felt like we had known each other forever and blending our lives together has brought us a lot of joy and kept us busy.

Our engagement wasn't a big surprise, but it was cozy and relaxed just like how we feel when were together. Jas proposed by presenting me with individual cards he had written with the top ten reasons he loves me. As I opened and read each one I was tearing up and he was smiling at me the whole time and wiping my tears. He is not expressive, so when he writes me cards they are so deliberate and thoughtful making them incredibly special.

When I look at our engagement photos (which is often), I feel a swell in my heart! Jas revealed to me that on the first couple of days after we received them he couldn't stop looking at them, which is so sweet and just how I was, too. The photos, taken in Boston's Seaport District and on Castle Island, capture exactly how comfortable, caring, and warm our love is.