Serenbe Engagement Shoot from Kendra Elise + Allison Rhee
October 18, 2013
There are engagement sessions, and then there is this mesmerizing day captured by Kendra Elise, which is what I am calling "the greatest engagement session of all time," and I'm not being the least bit hyperbolic. Because when you combine a breathtaking Georgia setting with a talented photog, a stylist bride (hello, Allison Rhee, I heart you) and her handsome beau, it's bound to equal pure, unadulterated lovely through and through.  And guess what?  It sooo does.  Click here for more.
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From Allison Rhee (the Bride)... We were in the same geometry class in 9th grade. We had a crush on each other, but we lived in two different worlds at the time. Instead of pursuing a relationship, we remained good friends for about eight years. I went to college in Boston and he stayed in Georgia. He was one of the few friends I would keep in touch with and try to meet during my vacation time at home. During our senior year of college, we finally decided to take the next step past friendship. We started off as long-distance and, although it was tough, I am so grateful for the experience. We built a strong foundation of communication, trust, and gratitude through those months. Fast forward about 3.5 years, living and traveling abroad for a year, and many dates later, we are now engaged!

Our engagement shoot was a true blessing. We won a free session with the talented Kendra-Elise who shot in film! It was a beautiful, dreamy, and memorable day. I first stayed in Serenbe for a few days for Joy Thigpen's first styling workshop so it definitely has a special place in my heart. Serenbe is truly a serene place full of tall trees, farm animals, and open fields.

As an event and photo shoot stylist, I played around with the idea of creating different scenes and going all out with props like I have done in the past. But at the end of the day, I felt like Serenbe was the perfect backdrop for us and that the focus should be on us and our love for each other. With minimal props, we spent a few hours with Kendra who captured our love so beautifully.

My favorite memory of the day was when we were lighting the wish lantern. It was a joint effort, just like our relationship, but there was definitely a huge reward as we saw it take flight into the beautiful night sky. My wish is for us to always stay Christ-centered, to love each other with tender hearts, and to pour out the same love to our community.