Rustic Pennsylvania Wedding from MK Photography
October 15, 2013
Mid Atlantic
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These two seriously have a story fit for a movie. He watched her in her leather pants from afar in high school, then played the cool cowboy when they met years later. She held her cards close to her chest until declaring that she'd marry him if he asked her - on their third date! I'm loving everything about their story, and their wedding? Well lets just say it was so beautiful, it took two phenomenal photographers to capture it all. MK PhotographySvetlana Photography worked together to capture a soiree this perfect.
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We weren't going to leave you hanging... here's the beautiful film from Lucky Productions Cinematography!
From the beautiful bride... In high school, Joe used to work at my Pappy's sawmill and only one time I saw his pick-up truck drive off while I was cleaning windows at my Pappy's house. I wondered who that guy was and wished I got a better look. Didn't know it was Joe until we met and put the pieces together.

Basically, we fell in love New Years Eve 2007. Joe previously got out of the Marine Corp and left California to move back to Pennsylvania in 2006, just in time to start rodeoing again and meet me before I left for Nashville in 2007. The first time Joe came out to a gig at Pikeville, I could hardly talk right when Joe's sister Kellie introduced me to her brother. He was the handsome cowboy that was standing in the darkened corner looking very confident but humble and reserved and so gorgeous. I really gave forth effort to not stare at him. It was actually very distracting for me. It was the first time that anyone ever caught my eye like that. It turns out that same night, Joe turned to his Aunt Steph and said, "I'm going to marry that girl, she just doesn't know it yet". I think A. Steph said "Okay Joe but maybe wait to tell her that." Next time Joe came out to a Shorty's bar gig and at the end of the night as I was wrapping chords and looking down, his boots appeared near mine and a warm western accent said "So when you gonna let me take you out to dinner?" I had to sadly say "Sorry but I can't, tell your grandparents I said hi though". You know, Joe went home and said to his roommate "she didn't say no!" He already knew how to read me then.

Joe came to several gigs after that and always offered to help me pack up equipment, which I accepted with blushing cheeks. Then for new years my dad suggested playing music for the Phillips (Joe's grandparents), which was a first for me. I did not know his grandparents that well at that time but my dad played one of his first gigs at their farm years ago. So New Years Eve day 2006, Joe's aunt Steph and Uncle Tim stopped in to hear the music for a bit and said that Joe was rushing back from the farm show to try and catch us. I was totally not expecting to see him and suddenly felt mortified. Dad and I were playing our last irish song "Sir Englemore" and at the end there was Joe leaning in the doorway with a big smile. After inviting him out, Joe came out that evening to my New Years Eve gig, paid the expensive cover and sat alone just to hopefully talk with me. I went straight over and sat with him during every break and he talked my ear off from being so nervous. Which is not the norm if you know Joe. Then the "smooth Joe" quickly came out of him when he twirled me onto the dance floor for the very first time. Weeks later Joe came back out and later walked me to my car. I shocked him by saying "So, if you are planning on calling me you are going to need me number." Joe fumbled with his phone and almost dropped it while trying to pull it out of his pocket.

The first time we hung out Joe invited me back to his house with friends and ended up slurring his words and having to resort to "spurring" me and pulling me in with his heels. What a cowboy! Joe then said enthusiastically, "Hannah Miller is in my house" with a huge smile. Turns out Joe remembered me in high school and said he once stood in the hallway and watched me walk down the hall in my black leather pants. I still can't believe I even wore leather pants but I did and the right guy noticed but never said a word to me until years later when the timing was right. Joe was a year behind me and we never met then. Actually we may have met when we were less than five years old when his aunt Steph used to babysit my sisters and I where Joe and I may have made candles together at his grandparents farm. His aunts remember better than we do, which is really fun. Later, by the third date, I unfortunately had a lot to drink and did the number one "no, no" on how to pick up a guy. I was celebrating a friends birthday on a wine tour and by the end of the night Joe picked me up and took me to his house. I was laying down so he not only took my shoes off but also put new cowgirl boots on my feet that he had surprised me with. As he was focusing on my feet, I was just in awe while watching him and the words came out, "Joe, if you'd ask me to marry you, I'd say YES!" If you know Joe, you can probably picture what is face looked like. It really is amazing he stayed. He thought he'd let me sleep that one off but lucky for us both, I have excellent insight and he has excellent patience with me."
From the handsome groom... Well I just want to start out saying how lucky I am and how amazing Hannah is. There is so many times and places that we crossed paths so unaware and never spoke until about 5 years ago. I believe it was better that way because we both just knew it couldn't get any better than this when it finally did happen.

I remember making candles with her sisters at my grandparents and watching them getting chased by the geese. We also went to high school together but I was a year behind and Hannah was much more popular. I mean she was the homecoming queen, junior miss, played sports, was captain, did band, chorus, and everything else she did outside school. With this said we didn't talk at all in high school . I almost did once although she doesn't remember. We passed in the hall and Hannah was wearing these leather pants. I swear I must have did the creeper stare, couldn't talk or anything just stared, I was that guy.

Years passed and when I came back home from CA where I was stationed in the USMC, I saw her again. My sister took me out to see her play and was just floored in how much i enjoyed not only her music but just looking at her. I knew I needed her in my life and I'm real happy about that. I was apprenticing my uncle Tim shoeing horses about this time and I remember one day discussing Hannah and the situation, he said "she's a fox" I couldn't have agreed more. After missing a couple gigs because of rodeos a month or so passed and I finally got her number. You know its going to be good when you remember your first kiss, first dance, what song, first everything even after all the concussions. I'm real excited for the rest of our lives together and all the memories to come. She's my best bud.