Fredericksburg Wedding from Caroline Plus Ben Photography
October 15, 2013
You Texas lovelies really know how to throw a wedding.  Like those drop-dead gorgeous, heartwarming kind of affairs that are chock-full of beautiful details and magical moments every which way you turn. Basically, you Texans rock... and when you throw a group of uber-talented vendors in to the mix (hello Viridian Design Studio, CarteWheels Caterers,  Marquee Event Group and Caroline + Ben Photography), it's like a literal lesson in just how awesome weddings can be.  See it all in the full gallery.
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Q. Most inspirational tool for deciding your wedding details?

Bride: I probably bought $400 worth of wedding magazines and just ripped out the pictures I liked and I didn’t like. I literally made a book for Tricia of my likes and dislikes and she took it from there. Obviously, anything Martha Stewart. Also, look at interior design magazines for floral and décor inspirations – Elle Décor, Veranda, Architectural Digest.

Q. Favorite Photo?

Bride: I honestly have about a million.

Groom: Us with the storm clouds in the background. It was fun, especially knowing that the storm never hit.

Q. Any DIY projects or Etsy goodies?

Bride: When you have a wedding coordinator like Tricia Hamil, she does it all.

Q. Were there any special additions to your ceremony that made it unique?

Bride: My Uncle Harris read from the same bible that was used when my grandparents got married. This was a total surprise, but obviously a wonderful and very touching surprise.

Q. What was the best moment of your wedding day?

Groom: Right after the Ceremony with our wedding party.

Bride: For me, seeing Philip for the first time. Tie for second – first dance with my father. Tie for second- Pre-wedding festivities – getting ready at my mom’s house with all my wonderful friends and family. We all had so much fun that day, I’m pretty sure I’ve never laughed so hard. It was truly so relaxing and fun. That is my advice to any bride – surround yourself with your best friends and family before the wedding and just have fun. I love all the pictures from mom’s house – opening up Stella Artois in the kitchen – such a classic.