Sweden Wedding from Sara Norrehed Photography
October 10, 2013
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If I'm being totally honest, I'd actually never heard of Gotland until now. But come to find out, it's a total gem off the coast of Sweden (thank you Google) and the setting of this pastel stunner from Sara Norrehed. Think industrial warehouse meets beachy shores meets perfect romance with one gorgeous bride and groom stealing up the show. It breaks the wedding mold in the best of ways, and we're loving every second in the gallery over here.
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From the Bride... When I first met you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. Well thats Shakespeare, but he must have read my mind! And when the most beautiful person Ive ever met proposed to me on a Christmas morning I was the happiest girl in the world! I still am.

Before I met Gabriel I had never been to Gotland, which is the largest island in Sweden located off the eastern coast. He is born on the island and the first time we went there together I fell in love with this magical place. So when it was time to find the perfect spot for our wedding we knew it had to be here. We were on a last minute search for a venue and one windy day in April we found the most amazing location at an old lime-pit. The colors, the light, the nature. Everything was pure magic. Like a dream.

The surroundings and the buildings of this re-modeled, old industry called Fabriken Furillen are very bare and raw with lots of concrete and rusty metal. This turned out to be the perfect contrast to the romantic theme I had in mind for the wedding. Being a crafty, DIY person I wanted all the details to be personal and homemade. Many hours and late nights were spent on folding paper roses, turning vintage tablespoons into place cards and making burlap buntings. The result was more than I could ever have wished for! I love that every table setting was different, with old lace scarves used as table runners and thrifted candleholders my mum had collected for me since the day the wedding date was set.

The evening before the big day we had a barbeque and all our friends and family were there to mingle, wine and dine and celebrate. Such a great way to start off the weekend! On the big day the weather was luckily in our favor. The ceremony was outdoors on a small porch with the ocean next by. The dinner was delicious with locally grown produce, our friends and family made some unforgettable speeches and we all danced the entire night. I wish we could do it again! We had an amazing photographer who managed to capture all the precious moments and I love how the photos turned out, absolutely beautiful and very artistic. The entire wedding was warm, loving and fun. And the best thing about all of this? I am now married to the love of my life!