DIY Vintage Postcard RSVPs
October 9, 2013
I don't know about you, but I could have spent weeks pouring over Jess' gorgeous wedding. It was the DIY day at its best, and today, my loves, we get to revisit it once more. With a final DIY from the day up her sleeve, Jess is going to share all the ins and outs of vintage postcard RSVPs. And just in case you missed any of her other easy peasy projects, you can find them herehere and here!
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From Jess... I thought of this project after we came across a bunch of vintage postcards at a flea market that I knew I wanted to use in some way. Some of them had been used, and I knew I couldn’t find enough unused vintage cards to use as part of our invitations. Then it hit me that if I scanned them, I could make new postcards from the originals! These postcards are a great way to add a sense of history, or just of your hometown, into your ceremony. They’re not super time-consuming and very easy to do. Plus, using postcards as your RSVPs save you money on the stamps!
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A2 scalloped postcards from Paper Source
Vintage postcards- try searching a local flea market, or on Etsy or Ebay
Stamps - I used these but the post office has some really lovely options like these
Scanner (or access to one at a FedEx Office)
RSVP background template


step-1Scan in your vintage postcards. I used about 10 different postcards so that only a few guests would receive each version. Use a photo editing software to crop your photos to 3.75”x5”. The postcards will have different proportions, but just crop them to look as good as you can.

step-2Print out several copies of each postcard (ie if I had 150 guests, I would print 15 of each of my 10 versions).

step-3Download the RSVP background, it’s an image that is the exact size of the postcard. You can add your RSVP information on top of the background image in word, photoshop, or illustrator, in whatever font you’d like (I used Vermandois)

step-4Print the RSVP info on the back of all the postcards. Add a stamp to each one, and tuck into your invitation packet.


Photography + Styling: Style Me Pretty