Burleson, Texas Wedding from Heather Hawkins Photography
October 9, 2013
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After getting to know this bride a bit through her writeup, I'm completely convinced we could be the best of friends. She's got wit, style and knows how to keep her cool in even the stickest of circumstances (read: dress rip on wedding day!) And while I wish I could steal every aspect of her fairytale nuptials -- not to mention that bouquet by Megan Wilkes -- I think I'll stick to living vicariously with a visit to the gallery. Join me for a swoon-sesh of Heather Hawkins' captures right here.
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From the Bride... To write about our wedding day has proven to be a challenge because I want to stray from using the cliche phrases that are so sugary sweet that people go into a coma reading them. Sugary sweetness, however, is exactly what comes out of my mouth every time I begin to describe the day that I married my best friend. It is the most nervous, the most delirious, and the most invigorated I have ever been, and since I am married to Ben, I can legally say that he whole heartedly agrees with me. That's a thing, right?

Our wedding was perfect because every vendor we chose worked tirelessly and flawlessly, the weather cooperated, people actually showed up, which disproved my recurring wedding nightmare, and we danced the night away. (Not to mention Ben pulling off the biggest surprise ever in the form of a helicopter get-away vehicle). I really do believe that even if no one showed up, and all of our vendors emailed us the day before saying all the things were broken, I would have had an equally awesome time because no matter what, I was going to walk down that aisle to my blue-eyed hunk and forever be Mrs. Howard. And I think I have merit in saying that, because my dress for real ripped and I did not wig completely out and send everyone home.

Basically, I relive June 8th, 2013 in my head regularly and go full-on girl and tear up about it. After a year of engagement, many prayers, a little tiny speck of stress, and lots of encouragement, we got married in front of our God and our dearest friends and family. How could that not be perfect?